5 Ways How Smartphones have Changed Businesses

Over the years, smartphones have evolved and developed and they have specifically impacted the business world. The way we now conduct business is far different to what we did even just a couple of years ago and much of it has to do with the technology that is available to us.


Below are five examples of how different industries have used smartphones to create and grow their business:

  • Social Networking

Social networking is a thriving industry with people becoming quickly addicted to posting Facebook updates about what they had for dinner or Tweeting where they will be going later that evening and being able to access social media sites via a smartphone is now just considered be a normal way of life. We can communicate with the rest of the world and tell them all about what we had for breakfast, how much we are enjoying our holiday or how bored we are at work and figures show that four out of five daily users of Facebook login via the smartphone, showing just how popular the app is.

  • Online Dating Apps

You can be a part of the online dating world with your smartphone and everything from Tinder to Grindr is available. Whether you are straight, gay or bi-sexual, there’s a dating app for you on a smartphone and the online dating world is the place to be for anyone wanting some companionship, to find true love or just to have a casual fling. There is even an app that allows women to connect with bearded men called Bristlr and who knows what weird and wonderful dating apps will be released in 2016 …

  • Uber Taxis

Now available in more than 300 cities worldwide, Uber has revolutionised the way we travel. The Uber app is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular apps and for good reason. In fact, this app may even be so big that there is speculation that it will put thefamous London black cabs out of business and it’s also impacting the iconic yellow taxis in New York, as everyone seems to be relying on their Uber app to get around.

  • Online Casinos

Online gabling is worth billions of pounds and using a smartphone to gamble means that we can literally gamble anywhere we go. You can now sit on the bus or train and play a few games while on your commute to work or you can get into bed after a long day and play a few hands of poker. Online gambling is huge and a smartphone allows you to access an online casino whenever the whim takes you.

  • Buy & Sell Websites

Amazon and eBay are the two most famous examples of websites that allow you to make a living buying and selling all kinds of products and now you can do it via your smartphone, meaning you can continue to buy and sell wherever you are. The revenue of these websites is huge and they have undoubtedly increased their global reach even further thanks to the smartphone, as consumers seem to demand accessibility 27 hours a day, seven days a week.

The smartphone is allowing a wide range of businesses to improve and grow, and while for some it can be somewhat of a challenge to adapt to a smartphone-obsessed world, the opportunities that it provides are boundless and should be taken full advantage of.

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