Save on Reseller Web Hosting Plans with Hostgator Coupons

Have you heard of the term “Reseller Hosting”? It’s when you purchase hosting at a low wholesale price from a big hosting company, and you sell the server space and bandwidth to other people for a profit. In essence, it’s a way to open your own hosting mini company.

With Hostgator’s Reseller Web Hosting plans, you can create your very own profitable web hosting company. Hostgator gives you all the service and support that you will need to get your business up and running quickly. All of their packages allow you to have unlimited websites created under your own brand, with your own prices set, and the packages and features you choose to offer. You will be able to keep 10 percent of your sales as a Hostgator Reseller Web Host.

Hostgator offers five levels of reseller web hosting plans. From Aluminum all the way up to Diamond. All of the reseller plans come with unlimited domains, sub-domains, MySQL databases, cPanels, FTP accounts, and Email accounts. In addition, you will get FREE site builder software, billing systems, and domain reseller account. You will have private name servers also. You will receive 4,500 different website templates in over 22 different languages. All of the plans are 20 percent off your first month of service, then they go back up to regular price after that.

However, the packages do have a few differences. But before we see the features of each individual package, let’s see how you can save on reseller hosting using Hostagor coupons.

Coupons for HostGator Reseller Services

There are two coupon codes available:

The coupon code SPACECRAFT give you a 25% off discount on your first billing cycle.

The promo code SNAPPYR192424 gives you a whopping 58% off reseller hosting.

More coupons for Hostgator’s hosting services and savings opportunities at

Aluminum Reseller Web Hosting Plan

The Aluminum Reseller Plan does offer unlimited domains along with the other benefits. However there is only 50 GB of disk space and your bandwidth is only 500 GB. The Aluminum Reseller Plan will cost you $19.96 for your first month and every month after that, it is $24.95.

Copper Reseller Web Hosting Plan

Next, comes the Copper Reseller Plan. This plan offers you all of the above benefits, and 80 GB of disk space and a bandwidth of 700 GB. The Copper Reseller Plan will cost $27.96 the first month and $34.95 each month after that.

Silver Reseller Web Hosting Plan

The Silver Web Hosting Plan comes with 120 GB of disk space and a bandwidth of 1000 GB, along with all the other benefits listed. The Sliver Web Hosting Plan costs $39.96 the first month and each month after that, the price is $49.95.

Gold Reseller Web Hosting Plan

The Gold Reseller Web Hosting Plan offers 160 GB of disk space and 1200 GB of bandwidth. The Gold Reseller Web Hosting Plan will be $59.96 for the first month and $74.95 for each subsequent month.

Diamond Reseller Web Hosting Plan

The Diamond Reseller Web Hosting Plan is their best reseller web hosting plan of all. It comes with 200 GB of disk space and 1400 GB of bandwidth. The Diamond Reseller Web Hosting Plan is $79.96 for the first month and $99.95 for every month after that.

Service and Support

As with their individual web hosting packages, with the reseller packages, you will be able to take advantage of the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year service and support, and monitoring. You will receive access to an exclusive online portal with over 500 tutorial videos and nearly 700 help articles.

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