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10 Best Apps for Students to Help With Academic Research

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10 Best Apps for Students to Help With Academic Research

Academic research is something that has always been a nightmare for the students. The need of studying various books, taking notes on paper, and doing the research. However, the traditional ways of doing research have gone and thanks to the technology. Now, we have don’t have to do this tedious routine in order to do the research.

Yet, it is a task that is need to be done carefully and with full attention. Therefore, to make your life easier we have come up with the 10 best apps for students that can help you in your academic research. These apps can help in boosting your focus and also squash distraction. So stick with us till the end to unfold all the worth having applications.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xado is an application that is all-in-one PDF reader and PDF editor. It can help the students to read, annotate, share PDFs, sign, and fill in the PDF forms. It helps the students immensely to come with a PDF of their own. Also open .docx/.pptx as PDFs, plus sync with Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. It is an application that is designed for android, as it is something that is cheap and most of the people have access to it.

Portable Scanner

It’s time that instead of going to the shop for scanning the documents. You can do it by using your phone and turn it into a PDF file. The image sharpening techniques that are used by the Portable Scanner always gives the clear scan. It is an ideal for on computer viewing and as well as for the printing. As said by the experts of Master’s research paper help it is an ideal tool for on the go scanning.

Wolfram Alpha

It is an online service that can answer the factual queries directly by computing the answers from the structured data. It doesn’t come up with the list of documents or web pages that might have the answer as a search engine. It is an application that is worth investing, as it will make your live easies with the accurate answers to your queries. It will eventually lead to a research with all the authentic data and all clear concepts.


It is an application that allows the researchers and teams to collaborate, track, share, and manage all knowledge and research in one place. It is one of the perfect research tool that gives access to share the multi-dimensional research with your peers and not just plain, boring slides or texts. It allows the students to add articles, videos, PDFs, eBooks, white papers, audio samples. In short anything that you can think of, you can share with your peers. Also you can ask expert writers of essaymills if you are finding any issues related to your academic research or academic papers.


This is an application that is commonly used at research proposal writing help. It allows the researcher to create a limitless number of tasks, subtasks on one timeline and group of tasks. Moreover, it helps in working in collaboration. It’s a perfect planning tool for assigning tasks to the fellow researchers or creating virtual resources. It is ideal for time tracking, collaboration, and also sharing and exporting the schedules.


It is a hyper-visual free productivity app that can help the researcher in on keeping on. It would allow you to create work streams for different projects, days or themes. It also lets to add tags, colleagues or committee members to the board. In this way you can see that where people are on each project.


Are you one of those that are not able to focus? If yes then Momentum is something just designed for you. As it eliminates distraction and promotes inspiration, focus and productivity. Each tab that is opened by you opens into a personal daily dashboard highlighting the main focus for the day. The eye-catching backgrounds shots really don’t hurt.


This application is a perfect combination of document reading and file managing capabilities. The professional tool to annotate, edit, read, and manage files such as PDF, MS Office, HTML, TXT. It would also allow you to listen to audios, view pictures and watch videos. In order to maintain the huge collection of files and folders with the features of auto-sync folders to remove the servers, GoodReader is an ideal application.


It is also known as the research browser, you would always don’t need the full page. For instance, you sometimes just need the quote. Diigo is especially designed for such research projects. In this you can save web pages and PDFs to your library, showcasing anything you would like to remember.


elink.io allows the researcher to save their links under one roof and share it with their peers. It makes it easy for the researcher to save content from around the web. The article links, cloud files, videos, social media posts, and much more! To make the process easier, elink.io also has a chrome extension. All you need to do is simply click on the extension or right-click on any webpage to save the content directly to the elink.io dashboard

In the final takeaway, this list of best apps would immensely help you in your research. As we know that research is something that requires hard work. Such as from finding and managing the content to organizing and publishing. Nevertheless, with the applications mentioned above, researchers are surely going to get the most out of their time and get the work efficiently done.

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