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10 Global Companies Using The Most Innovative Lipstick Packaging

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The lipstick is main element of fashion and beauty to the ladies. The makeover of the females is not complete without lipstick. The females who do not like much makeup also like to use lipstick only. The lipstick packaging is also experiencing innovation along with lipsticks. The new trends and colors are not only introducing in the lipsticks but also in its boxes. The global companies that are using the most innovative packing are discussed as follows.


Loreal is a global company. Its cosmetics products are used worldwide. It has a top position among various companies. It has a wide range of long-lasting lip-gloss and lipsticks. Loreal adopts variations in the lipstick box. For some lipsticks, the box and lipstick have the same designs. the color scheme and design look very smart. It is usually used for one lipstick packing. The plastic and steel boxes are also used by Loreal. It has pair of lipsticks in different shades./ the sealing cover is designed and printed according to the shades of lipsticks. So that the customers can get an idea that which shades are packed inside them. Loreal always conscious about the design of the packing stuff. The images of lipsticks and lips are also printed with name and logo of Loreal. The customers feel satisfaction by seeing the name of Loreal. Some of the lipsticks have transparent top covers and window packing. The shade of lipstick is easily visible to the customers. They buy the lipstick after the first look.


Unilever is another great company all over the world. Many of its products are used by consumers. It has beauty products of all kinds. People frequently use its beauty products. It has lipstick shades in almost all colors. It has various shades packed in one lipstick packaging in transparent stuff. They all have some top cover. The lipstick shades look really beautiful and natural in the transparent box. They are also printed. The shade, expiry date, and company name is printed on them. The simple and decent printing designs have their own beauty. The customers can buy all the shades in one packing. They all will be secured inside the packing. you can place them in your room, cosmetic container, or shelf easily. Unilever has also introduced lipstick in form of a pencil. It is designed in one color and in combination with its top cover. The flowers can be printed on them to make them unique and beautiful.  It has many other shapes and styles of lipstick packing in the market.

Estee Lauder

It is well known company due to its fantastic shades. They look very smart and amazing. It adopts modern techniques in designing lipstick boxes. The lipstick and its cover is in one color. The shade is matched with the lipstick. Mostly the lipsticks are packed in a pouch. The pouch is durable and of many stuff. It is made of fiber, plastic, cardboard, and leather. They all ensure the protection of the lipsticks. The velvet and silk pouches are really fantastic that the customers inspire from packing. The pouches increase the beauty and impression of the lipsticks. The buyers are forced to purchase them. The ladies can also gift them to their friends. It seems as gift packing. Some of the lipsticks are packed with nail polish. They have their own uniqueness and beauty. The women feel happy to get the same shade of nail paint and lipstick in one packing. The pouches as packing are very popular of Estee Lauder.

Procter & Gamble

It is a global company and its products are commonly used worldwide. The cosmetics are also preferred of this company by the females. The lipsticks have a huge variety of shades. The packing is of very innovative designs. Some of the lipsticks have cover in a similar shade of lipsticks. If the lipstick is in the pink shade then the sealing of it will also be in pink. It will give a positive and influential impression on the customers. The buyers will easily see the original shade of the lipstick due to the cover. They will not feel hesitation in purchasing because there is no fear of lipstick shade. The shade will be clear to them. They have plastic lipstick stuff as well. The gloss and matt lipsticks are also packed in see-through packing. The packing is in really appealing shades.


It is considered a traditional company. The customers use its cosmetics with love. All the time its lipsticks are preferred. One of the reasons is its unique and stand-out packing of lipsticks and gloss. Its packing design and printing look traditional and innovative as well. the cover of the lipstick is really well-designed. The color scheme and combinations are very smart and appealing. It is designed by using many shades. Some covers are very sensitive and look very costly and charming. They are designed according to the shade of the lipstick. The lipsticks and covers are in different shapes as well. The Transparent covers increase the beauty of lipstick. Some lipsticks are designed by making various pictures on them.


The lipstick company is famous at the global level. It has its own specification in packing the lipsticks. Usually, the lipstick outer covers are in black shade. All the lipstick shades are packed in black cover. The boxes are printed according to the shade of the lipstick and gloss. The customers can get ides of lipstick shade easily by seeing the bottom and top sides of the covers.


It has mostly transparent packaging to pack the lipsticks. The outer cover is designed with the shade of lipstick. The customers easily take the idea of the lipstick shade due to the outer cover. the customers love to buy transparent packaging products. The shades look natural and impressive inside transparent packing.


LVMH has very unique, smart, and stylish shapes in the packing lipsticks. The lipsticks are totally changed from other traditional boxes. they have distinct styles and shapes from bottom and top. The versatility in colors is also amazing. The lipstick container is also impressive and appealing. The design is really indistinct way. It looks very expensive and sensitive packing.

Johnson & Johnson

As its name shows its popularity among the customers in the world. They design packing in a new and innovative style. The lipsticks have a carrying hanger along with them. Sometimes the shape of lips is attached with them with a shade of lipstick. The small chain is also attached to them. You can hang the lipsticks or keep them inbox. It is really beautiful and stunning packing. The women use them to give gifts to their family and friends.


This company has unique shapes of lipstick packing. The bottom side is the square. Most of the packing covers are in decent and light shades. The white and transparent packing is widely used by this company. The covers are printed with shades in which the lipsticks are packed. The bright colors are not much used by this brand. The classic and stunning lipstick pouches are also manufactured. The customers attract due to enacting packing of lipsticks.

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