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10 most breakthrough technologies of our time

by Soft2share.com

Every year in the world there are many scientific discoveries that can qualitatively change the lives of people on the planet. Today technologies are socially responsible – batteries capable of providing energy to entire villages, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things.

All these ideas were already known, but only in 2017 they reached the level of maturity at which their impact on our life becomes noticeable.

Ultra Capacity Batteries

The world has long been ready to abandon petroleum products in favor of electricity. The last frontier of this technological war remains reliable and capacious batteries capable of storing a sufficient amount of charge. Recent research in this area suggests that in a few years the batteries using sodium, aluminum and zinc will be able to provide people with cheap and affordable energy. This will affect not only electric vehicles – the cheaper electricity storage technology is, the higher the standard of living of the third world countries will be. And that means affordable education, cheaper food, and many other things that humanists can only dream of.

Unmanned cars

Unmanned vehicles have not yet received legal status in most countries of the world, but their potential to reduce environmental pollution, improve the economy, and improve the quality of life of older people and other segments of society is enormous. Therefore, the world’s largest automakers are now actively working on autonomous technologies that allow turning a driver into a passenger.

Medical chips

The Internet of Things brings change in medicine. Miniature sensors installed on vital organs of a person allow to conduct remote diagnostics of health, compile statistics and forget about the queues in the hospital.

Artificial Intelligence Open Ecosystem

Digital assistants, neural networks, and chatbots will soon take on a large range of tasks that previously belonged to humans. Already, artificial intelligence, with proper configuration, is able to maintain a fully meaningful dialogue with a person. After 10-20 years, artificial intelligence will be much closer to the average inhabitant of the Earth – he will track finances, advise on medicine and will work as a dispatcher in production.


The use of light and color to record the activity of neurons in the brain has been known for several years, but this year scientists managed to make a breakthrough. This means that optogenetics will soon become another method to combat disorders and diseases of the brain.

Solar cells

This new photoelectric material offers three improvements over classic silicon solar cells: it is easier to make, it can be used almost anywhere in doors and windows Calgary, and it allows you to generate energy more efficiently.

2D materials

Two-dimensional materials (2D materials), the thickness of which is just one atom, have been actively studied in recent years. The most known and studied representative is graphene. But besides it, there are other two-dimensional materials, such as: silicene, germanen and others. They can be used in a variety of technologies: from filtering water and air to new generations of rechargeable batteries.

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