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10 new mobile games that do not need internet

by Soft2share.com

Fresh selection of mobile games that do not require access to the network. All of them are perfect for those who have not switched to tariffs with traffic packages or simply save the available gigabytes.

Maru Slide

A relaxing puzzle with puffy cats that need to be moved from side to side. Filling them with each new line, you will free up space on the playing field, on which new cats will appear. And all because the seals do not happen much.

Zombeast: Survival Zombie Shooter

A combination of a runner and a shooting gallery, where you will need to shoot off all the evil spirits encountered on the way. The graphics in the game is not the best, but a whole arsenal of improved weapons and a good dynamics quite compensate for this.

Word life

Verbal puzzles in the format of crosswords without tasks. There is only a set of letters from which you need to make as many words as indicated in the task. This game will make you lose your head and boost your vocabulary.

Traffic Run!

Outwardly simple, but very difficult gameplay in a game in which you need to wedge into heavy traffic traffic. Get into the stream – half the battle, it is important also to keep it until the fork, without colliding with other machines.

Metal Shooter: Se7en Hero

Classic platformer shooter in 2D-graphics with good animation and the ability to arm your hero. There are secrets on the levels, various boosters and bosses, which can be overcome only by studying their actions.

pliq: Epic Clash Arcade Puzzle

Unusual variation of Tetris with knights, dragons, zombies and devils. The principle of the game is as simple as possible – from below you need to arrange the units so that when combined with the opponents advancing from above, there will be no empty seats.

Tap the blocks

Logic game with multi-colored blocks of Indian pyramids, which must be destroyed before falling into the abyss. In the game, not only the speed of your actions is important, but also their connectedness, so make sure to use wireless headphones. By removing 90% of the playing field, you can still lose by making a mistake at the very beginning.

Mighty Pets & Puzzles

A stylish puzzle with RPG elements in which you will have to fight using the “three in a row” principle. For example, to cause damage, you need to combine swords, and to replenish health – hearts. In combat, a pet who can cast spells will always help.

Safari chef

To feed the animals of the whole world, you will need to draw lines on the field, allowing you to send food directly to the target. Complicates all the fact that some products need to be pre-cut, cook or fry.

Mysterious Earth

Difficult puzzle with numbers, magic and various game modes. She incorporated elements of the genres “three in a row” and “2048”. Available more than 300 unique levels that you can pass without any investment.

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