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10 Reasons Why Every Programmer Should Learn Java

by Soft2share.com

Very simple. Java is popular, it is easy to learn, you have many open source tools and libraries and of course it offers a nice career and a fat salary.

1. Numerous tools to learn Java

Because Java is a mature programming language, there are many resources available online. Depending on your needs, you can search for free and paid learning tools to help yourself.

2. Many job opportunities

There is a great demand for programmers with a thorough knowledge of Java. With a widely used programming language, it continues to create jobs in the tech industry. In addition, the popularity of Android apps offers countless opportunities for developers

3. It is an object-oriented programming language

This feature makes Java a flexible, modular system and an expandable programming language.

4. Java is open source

We love free and open source software, do not we? OpenJDLK is a free and open source implementation of Java programming language. Because it is an open source programming language, the platform is independent on OS environments.

5. Large supply of API Java

A wide range of API Java programming language can be mentioned as one of the main reasons for its success. Pair it with a wide set of tools either supported by open source Java ecosystem or some other paid IT tools and you have just about everything you need while working with Java.

6. Powerful development tools

The powerful IDEs available for Java have made a significant contribution to raising Java to the highest level. For example, Eclipse and Netbeans have encryption in Java. Also you can use Paraphrase Tool.

7. Universal use

Java programming language is omnipresent. Because of the stability and scalability, you can find Java on mobile, desktops, large-scale applications, etc. The same can also be said about Java programmers who are easily more numerous than other professionals. Java is also growing in the domain of the Internet of Things [IoT].

8. Great support from the community

With approximately 10 million Java developers around the world, the Java community continues to grow. Like other open source technologies, it evokes the philosophy of giving back to society. On several online forums such as StackOverflow, experts are prepared to help newcomers. In the Netherlands, the still growing community NLJUG is doing its best to keep informing all Javanese about the latest techniques and applications, through Java magazine and the various conferences such as the Jfall.

9. Java has many applications in the ‘real’ world

Java is used in the websites such as Amazon.com, Facebook.com. LinkedIn.com, Bol.com and eBay.com. Java is the language used in many Enterprise application developments, IoT, cloud development, etc.

10. Java is easy to learn

Let’s accept this fact – most of learning Java as their first programming language, because it is easy to learn java tutorials for beginners. With an English-like syntax, Java can be taught in a short time so that many useful applications can quickly be built.

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