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10 tips to increase the reach of your publications in 2020

by Soft2share.com

Knowing how to advertise a blog can be a big challenge for those responsible for content strategies. However, with dedication and with a focus on SEO – and the quality of the posts – it is possible to achieve this organically.

Content Marketing  is a reality. In the last Content Trends , 67.3% of the companies interviewed have already adopted the strategy, while 855.8% of those who answered negatively stated that they will adopt it soon.

The numbers show effectiveness, but even so, a very relevant and decisive question may arise: how to effectively advertise a blog ?

Producing good content and addressing topics relevant to the target audience are important points, but it is essential to go further.

A strategy that gives results requires constant work in the dissemination, optimization of content for search engines, among other issues. Posts can have the potential boosted if homework is done!

In this content we will help you to increase the reach of your publications, attracting more traffic and generating even better results. Also, you can check: The Doe is a new kind of digital publication.

Read on and understand how each item can be important in your strategy!

1. Promote bonus guest posts on your blog

Guest posts are a great strategy for small and medium sized blogs that can have their name associated with others that have a great flow of visitors.

The idea of ​​this strategy is to give a blog visibility and, mainly, credibility. After all, a large blog would not associate your brand with another if you were not sure that the one in question does a serious job.

The point is that producing guest posts just doesn’t guarantee that much flow of visitors. Often, the consumed content itself is already sufficient, which does not encourage the reader to visit the supposed creator of that content as a guest.

However, it is possible to value this strategy even more and, for that, it is enough to know how to develop an offer as a kind of bonus.

For that, it is enough to know how to conclude the post in an intelligent way, leaving a hook for the reader to arouse his interest in another subject that is complementary to what was mentioned in the guest post.

If you can generate this sense of urgency, you can use the CTA as a bonus post for those who read the current content. This generates the flow to this guest’s blog!

2. Update old content

Every strategy on how to promote a blog involves creating good content on current topics that are in high demand.

However, why can’t old and hotly debated topics be a good source of traffic to your blog? Some themes are recurrent and timeless, especially those that are basic to some fields of work, such as Digital Marketing , for example.

If your blog, regardless of the segment, has these contents, update them! First of all, the main gain is with the increase in the quality of writing, concepts, language and even SEO standards .

Optimizations for search engines, in fact, can enhance posts that were already given as old and with few accesses.

Try new approaches to obsolete subjects, update themes that have changed over time and, most importantly, upgrade relevant posts, but that were written a long time ago. It will be hard work, but it will have a positive impact on the blog’s visibility.

3. Address issues not yet spoken

The competitiveness of a segment can result in companies that bet on strategies of attraction and, when feeding their blogs, develop a lot of content on the same subject.

Not that this is wrong, not least because it is necessary to show authority in certain matters.

However, to stand out from the competition, you need to do something different.

In this case, we are talking about addressing issues that have never been addressed before.

Developing unpublished content on certain subjects will be a challenge, especially due to lack of references, but it will give the highlight and unique traffic to your blog.

If only you talked about it, any search will lead to your post, especially if it is optimized for Google.

That is why it is important to always read blogs from other countries and be aware of the trends in your sector, in order to make these issues on the agenda. You can also interview an expert to use your knowledge as a source.

4. Publish successful cases of blog readers

Credibility is fundamental to companies. If you offer a service and, to gain visibility, you resort to a Content Marketing strategy , your blogs can also be a tool for direct dissemination of the work.

In this case, we are talking about successful cases , which can be great ideas for funnel fund content, already for those who are in the decision phase.

These cases will detail how this client – whether an individual or a company – decided to use the services of the company that manages the blog in question.

In the post, it is necessary to detail the relationship between the company and the contractor, as was the process of using the service or product and, mainly, what were the results obtained.

It is essential to make it clear in the content that the solution was really relevant and brought the expected results. The only way to get more traffic and, mainly, a positive evaluation of your company is with a case that was really successful.

Searches about the name of the company will also lead to the post, that is, you deliver a customer’s evaluation.

5. Illustrate the posts

Understanding more about how to advertise a blog goes directly to knowing how they can be leveraged in your production.

Qualified content, in addition to being well written and rich in information, must also have visual appeal.

Illustrations, videos, photos, graphics and whatever else is possible and necessary to reinforce the ideas presented in the text are very valuable resources.

The numbers help to prove when we talk about social networks . On Facebook, posts with images have 2.3 more engagement, while on Twitter, illustrated tweets receive 150% more retweets .

The audience that will consume your content in posts is the same: people who are in the digital, that is, it is essential to enrich your content with visual appeal.

Use and abuse resources like videos, screenshots to help you understand systems and procedures in tutorials, GIFs and even memes!

These last only fit well if the language of your blog is fun, with an audience that welcomes this type of communication. Just respect your strategy and use the images in the right way!

6. Work on the quality and depth of posts

Just like any other type of content, blog posts that are successful are those that bring something relevant to the reader, regardless of whether the subject has already been addressed.

So, if you want to know how to advertise a blog, first you need to understand that it has to be good. What generates more shares is original and qualified content, that is, it is necessary to dedicate yourself!

Worrying about SEO is essential, after all, content only reaches its target audience if they are suitable to be leveraged in search engines.

However, the main factor that keeps a reader entertained and interested with the post is its quality. Deep, detailed posts, with well-grounded statements and qualified content is the one that will really engage.

So, if you are looking to have more traffic, increase the time spent on pages , retain your readers and, moreover, get them to share your posts, it is necessary to create good content. This is the starting point of a successful strategy.

7. Work continuously on SEO on the blog

Search engine optimization, especially for Google and its constant changes in algorithms, are a major concern in a content strategy.

It makes sense to put SEO as a priority and, more than that, it is essential to take care of continuity.

It is a matter of constantly working on improvements to increasingly meet ranking standards. This is a job of constant checking, mandatory reading of articles that talk about updates to the algorithms and observe the details in each post.

In addition, the blog also always needs to undergo analysis aiming at optimization possibilities.

Each post can earn its place on the first page of Google results, but it depends directly on how they are written and structured. SEO is a painstaking job, but when it comes to Content Marketing, it’s what makes posts visible.

8. Master SEO Copywriting techniques

SEO Copywriting is the technique of writing posts focused on web standards that impact the ranking of posts on Google.

The work of the editors is one of the fundamental steps in this search on how to advertise a blog, since the way they write the content impacts how they are accepted by the user.

There are two important perspectives: the post must be framed in SEO rules and must also please the web reader.

For this, there are some very important points that must be considered by the editor.

As for SEO, a fundamental part of the job is to properly explore the use of keywords. A good search helps to know which terms are on the rise and, by using them, you get more visibility for your post in a Google search.

In addition, there is also a need to format this text so that it is more comfortable for the reader. This generates engagement and increases the rate of stay on the page.

For this, it is essential to apply the scannability when developing the content. This concept preaches details, such as:

  • use bullet points when listing items;
  • never exceed 4 lines in a paragraph;
  • highlight important terms or excerpts in bold (be careful not to overdo it!);
  • use intertitles with smaller headings ;
  • prefer to align the text to the left;
  • set the size of the content according to the level of information that is offered to the user.

9. Optimize posts for voice search

Voice searches are an increasingly real and concrete trend. Google has already pointed out that 20% of all searches are already done by voice , a proportion that shows the strength of this feature.

Understanding the reason is easy, since smartphone voice assistants are increasingly powerful and intelligent. Adding that to the easy access of resources accounts for that 20%!

Now, everything revolves around knowing not only to adapt, but also to take advantage of the growing volume of voice searches. It is essential to know how to optimize your posts and blog to be visible ahead of competitors when the search is made through this resource. For this, there are some points that should be considered, such as:

  • register your company on Google My Business ;
  • develop a page with a FAQ that answers questions that may be reasons for research by the target audience;
  • use featured snippets ;
  • use the Schema Markup marker .

10. Share posts on social media

Social media are truly valuable tools when it comes to how to advertise a blog. The reason is simple: today, a company that wants to have a digital presence, needs to be on all online platforms that make sense to its brand.

Naturally, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the top players for most of these companies.

If you already have a relevant reach on these social networks, you can of course use this visibility to publicize each of the posts that feed your blog.

It’s simple: for each content posted, you must indicate that post on each of these platforms. This is a way to expand the reach of people who may be interested in the content, which in turn gains in dissemination!

The work can be hard and requires a lot of dedication, however, in practice, there are not many difficulties in knowing how to publicize a blog. Combining quality content with writing techniques and SEO form the recipe for success, always with originality and authorial work.

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