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12 Creative and Unique Engagement Ideas

by Soft2share.com

Getting engaged is one of the most special and nerve-wracking moments in life. Proposing in the right place at the right time will make the engagement incredible for both of you.Finding your ring is easy with affordable and masculine styles like the Tungsten Black wedding band styles, however, finding that perfect ring for her is a bit more complicated.

There are so many different shapes, sizes and grades how will you figure out which one fits your girlfriend? Here are some quick tips:

  • Ask a close friend to help you shop or to gather information for you
  • Consult her mother (chances are you already asked her dad for permission so naturally her mother is already aware of what’s going on)
  • Do your homework on quality
  • Casually go into a jewelry store looking for a gist for your mother and chances are she will point out styles she likes.

Now you have the perfect ring, so, you must find the perfect proposal. Here are 12 ideas that you can rely upon to propose to the most special woman in your life.


Use Her Favorite Magazine – Contact the editorial team of the magazine that she reads on a regular basis. Arrange for a full-page proposal to appear inside the publication. She will never expect this kind of engagement.

Vacation Engagement – Going on a romantic vacation together is a classic and favorite way of getting engaged. Choose a really romantic place or a destination that holds emotional significance. The manner in which you propose to her is up to you. Be creative!

Recreate Your First Date – Getting engaged by recreating your first date is a really cute way of making her say “yes.” Everything should be the same – the venue, the activities, the food and the atmosphere.

Good Morning, Sunshine! – Propose to her in bed, immediately after she has woken up. You can bring her breakfast in bed and add a little garnish of an engagement ring. It will be really surprising and you will enjoy the special moment in the privacy of your own home.

Create a Website – Dedicate a website to your engagement. Building a website today requires no programming skills and it is far from expensive. Use social media or instant messaging to tell her that you have found a “special” new website. Wait for her reaction.

Food and Engagements Go Together! – Hiding the engagement ring inside her favorite food will certainly be a lot of fun. You can do it at home or you can ask for a bit of cooperation at the restaurant that the two of you love.

Christmas-Time Engagement – There is nothing more special than getting engaged underneath the Christmas tree. If you can’t wait for Christmas to come, you can choose another special holiday for the purpose.

Rent a private yacht charter in Tulum and enjoy a day of sea and fun together. At the end of the adventure, while the sun is going down, you can ask the woman that you love whether she is going to marry you.

Do It at Home, with Family and Friends – Nothing is more intimate and special than getting engaged at home (or a friend’s nicer home), in the company of your closest friends and relatives.

Surprise Engagement Party – Get your friends involved in the process. Throw her a surprise engagement party. You can have all of the guests wearing a “will you marry him?” T-shirt or you can opt for another kind of unusual proposal.

Arrange a Treasure Hunt – Organize a treasure hunt for her. Leave her a clue at home. That clue should lead her to the next one. The treasure hunt can be themed and tracing the story of your relationship. At the end of it, you should be waiting for her with the engagement ring.

A Helicopter Ride – Enjoying a helicopter ride together is very romantic. While she is enjoying the scenery, take out the engagement ring and ask her the most important question in your lives. It will be a truly special moment in the skies.

When shopping for the ring make sure you compare different stores to make sure you are getting the best quality and try to buy an engagement ring that comes in a set so that the wedding band will match perfectly. Compare and contrast different options there are plenty of guides online such as comparing different grades and qualities of metals.

You know her well and you have some idea about how to propose in the most unique way. Be creative and avoid the clichés. There are many interesting possibilities, even if you are afraid of a very public proposal. Take your time to plan everything and enjoy the moment.

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