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2 Great Ways How the Burgundy Color Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Bridesmaids

by Soft2share.com

Are you thinking of tying the knot soon? Well, before you take the decision of getting married, you should realize that a social marriage ceremony can be quite hectic. To begin with, you have to take a number of decisions. And if you are not good with decisions, then God bless you! Right from the guest list, the design of the invitation cards, the selection of the venue, to the preparation of the menu, choosing the theme, planning the decorations, and most importantly, the look of your bridesmaids, you have to take gallons of decisions. Now you must be wondering why is deciding the look of the bridesmaids the most important one. Well, the decision of the bridesmaids’ look is the most challenging decision you will have to take. Hence, it is the most important one.

If you take a look at your girl gang, the would-be bridesmaids, you will realize that you have to pick the same dress for these lovelies and yet make them happy about the choice. And given their different body types, complexions, or sense of fashion, this is going to be a difficult job for sure. However, what you can do is pick a rich and warm color like burgundy, and try to work around it so that all your girls are happy and your wedding also becomes the talk of the town. So, here, we have put together a few ways in which you can use the burgundy shade for the bridesmaids. Take a look.

The Burgundy Gowns

It is your wedding and all your lovely bridesmaids should look like nothing but stunning little princesses. So, when you have picked such a beautiful shade for them, don them in gorgeous long gowns. But the same style of gowns with the same cut and pattern might make them look like clones and they will somehow lose their own identity in it. Instead, you can pick different styles of burgundy gowns. For instance, if you have a bridesmaid who is in a perfect shape like the hourglass body type, you should try to get a long, mermaid style, sequin gown that hugs the silhouette perfectly. Or if another friend has a plump shape, then you can choose an A-line, embellished, ballroom gown in burgundy for her. The A-line style will camouflage her flawed parts and highlight the right features.  It will help your friends flaunt their bodies just the way they want it, and at the same time, they will add to the cohesiveness of the bridesmaids’ gang with the same color and length worn by everybody.

The Burgundy Combos

If you are thinking that since burgundy is a rich and warm hue, it will overpower the whole wedding’s color scheme, then you should break the color scheme a little and add a contrasting shade to it such as blush pink or beige, something a little on the lighter tone that complements the richness of burgundy. Now divide your bridesmaids into 2 groups and make sure one group dons the burgundy while the other picks the lighter, contrasting hue. However, for the cohesiveness that resembles the look of the bridesmaids, you have to stick to the same style of dresses, such as long gowns with off-shoulder neck or long gowns with halter necklines. Make sure the neckline and the length of the dresses are alike since the color is going to be different. After all, when you look at the bridesmaids, you should understand that these are the bridesmaids.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t delay anymore and quickly decide on the look of your girlies. And then go shop for the burgundy bridesmaid dresses from an online or offline store now.

Author Bio: Janet Wilkins, a fashion blogger, here writes on a few ways in which you can use the burgundy bridesmaid dresses to enhance the style and look of your gorgeous beauties on your wedding day.

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