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2021 Looks Bright for The Trademark Industry: Here is why

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After a lot of planning and preparation, a virtual conference of INTA for 2020 of the annual leadership meeting took place on the 13th of November. Officially, the yearly meeting’s section opened up on the 16th of November, with Etienne Sanz de Aced (CEO) kept mentioning the opportunities and chances that are lying ahead in 2021. 

He also highlighted the INTA’s achievements for 2020, which had taken place despite the hardship that everyone had to face due to the pandemic. As of today, it has held more than 200 virtual delegations and meetings, along with expanding the study with a new paradigm for in-house practitioners. Very soon, it will also publish recent think tank reports concentrating on future in-house, IP office, and law firm ambiances. 

In case you could not partake in the event, here are the four important takeaways for the IP industry for the foreseeable future which kickstart the business by pivoting growth around online trademark registration in India. 

–    Meticulously conducted the discussion. 

As the keynote speaker had to say, our industries would persist to experience the ‘atypical type of business,’ as it has been experiencing from the beginning of the year. Due to that, INTA’s this year’s discussion had more to offer in terms of the range of material than ever before. There was a parley even centered around the conventional issues like counterfeiting – as it was discussed in one of the sessions, titled, ‘Fake stories: the growing trend in counterfeiting and how to combat it,’ with Erika Yawger, Apple Inc. (U.S.) as a moderator. But there were other sessions as well covering the large swath of grounds. 

Under the grip of the pandemic, there was a talk on the best crisis management practices given by the international speakers, some of them were Michael Graham (Expedia Group Inc, U.S), Dykema Gossett (PLLC, U.S), Eric Fingerhut, Jon Parker (Gowling WLG, U.S) and Leyla Harper Dominique (point, U.S.). These happened during the workshop, which was hosted by the trademark administrators committee, a session titled, ‘brands in crisis workshop.’

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–    Strategies concerning the brand’s lifecycle. 

For many attorneys, buttressing the product’s lifecycle and managing the lifecycle of the IP portfolio has become one of the most crucial goals, which signifies the ‘better business mindset’ that has been prevailing at the INTA AM in 2019. Many of the 2020’s discussions were cantered around the IP attorneys and how they could be the providers of the business solutions for every cycle of the brand.

The current year’s good branding sustainability was also on the agenda, which was later discussed at length, giving the branding reactions to the social movements. Here, ‘brand authenticity: Reacting to social movements quickly and appropriately’ was moderated by the Fross Zelnick Lehrman and Zissu (P.C. from the U.S), James Weinberger, along with speakers Heather McDonald (Baker Hostetler, U.S.), Colette Durst (3M, U.S), and Yuliana Salamanca (Baker & McKenzie S.A.S, Columbia).  

–    Heterogeneity.

INTA persists in catching attention to the value of heterogeneous workforces. Trisch Smith (Edelman, U.S.) presented a keynote on ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ in one session. He demanded a universal demand for systemic moderation that can be visible explicitly in every industry its domains.  

Having and spreading awareness about heterogeneity and diversity is vital for the IP industry as the nature of IP (intellectual property) is about creating and persuading customers’ perception and branding feedback – impact the way we contemplate over it. So, persuading firms to consider more about heterogeneity and diversity in their workplace ambiance and branding strategies. 

If you want to dwell more on this, you can devour the article titled ‘diversity in intellectual property’ by Irene Calboli and Srividhya Ragavan. A lot will dwell on whether or not the businesses renew the trademark. Otherwise, the trademark will be removed from the registry how IP norms can be efficiently utilized to safeguard and promulgate diversity and generate an interface betwixt IP and biological, cultural, racial, religious, and gender-based heterogeneity.

–    Roles of women in intellectual property.

This year’s session on the ‘the women’s leadership initiative workshop – advancing women’s leadership’ is worth attending. The marginal presence of women in senior positions and workable solutions to this situation was dwelled upon in the talk.

Compared to last year’s session on ‘women in commercial legal practice,’ this year has witnessed more male participation in the talk along with women. It was a fascinating session, moderated by Debbie Epstein Henry (consultant, public speaker, and best-selling author, U.S.) that encouraged both men and women to come to the table to dwell more on the reality of IP industries on women’s participation.  

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