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25 Healthy Snacks for Kids on the Go

by Soft2share.com

The most wonderful way to promote the health of the kids is to provide healthy snacks. Most of the parents think that eating three meals a day will satiate the nutrition- want of a kid. But this is not at all true. It is very important to bring in a lot of variety in the diet of your kids. This will induce their appetite. We have to make sure that kids grab a bite then and there whenever they want. Again, snacks should not be misunderstood with juice, soda, and other fatty foods. 

Here, it is all about the best healthy snacks for kids. The stomach of the children is very small and it is very active. To keep them active and energized they will require small and frequent meals. 

  1.     Blue Berry Banana Muffins – Soft muffins are very easy to make and you give the benefit of two fruits to your kids. It can even be had on the second and third days. You can serve it with some honey or cream cheese. Nut butter is also a good option to serve.
  2.    Soft Granola Bars – It contains healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. This can provide instant energy to your kids. When you serve it to add some dried fruits.
  3.   Sandwich Cubes – If your kids are fond of butter and cream, then this is for them. Even meat can be added to it.
  4.  Banana Spinach Muffins – It is a combo of greens and fruits which gives a lot of protein to the kids. It can be easily made with a blender.
  5.    Hummus – It is a snack with whole-grain crackers and vegetables and serves as a great refresher to the kids.
  6.  Cheese and Healthy Crackers – Crackers are very famous among the kids. It is very good to serve this with nutrition.
  7. Fresh fruits – Small and tight apples, bananas, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, melons can go well with cheese, nuts, milk, yogurt and many more.
  8. Fresh vegetables – Carrot slices, sliced cucumber. Cherry tomatoes, Zucchini, peas, frozen peas
  9.   Peanut Butter oatmeal energy balls – This snack is delicious. It contains the flavors of the dessert cookie dough. You can serve it with peanut as well as sunflower seed butter.
  10.    Blueberry Date Snack Cake Bars – It is gluten-free and you can buy energy bars like this. You just have to wrap it plastic so that they can have it on the go.
  11.   Snap Pea Crisps and fruit – It is very apt for toddlers as they are not very salty or crispy. They are beautiful with protein and fiber. It can be taken along with bananas, apples and other fruits which they like. This is one of the best healthy snacks for kids. Banana Snack cake – It is a combination of proteins and potassium. It required an ice pack. It can be served with raisins and blueberries.
  12. Oven-Dried Strawberries – Dried strawberries are a great snack for toddlers. They are less expensive as well.
  13. Simple Quinoa Bars – They are very suitable for breakfast. You know the importance of this fruit.
  14. Yogurt Pouches – Kids will always spill no matter what. So serve to them in a reusable pouch. Do not think to skip this as it is a great hydrating agent. It has a lot of anti oxides.
  15. Leftovers – Do not waste food. Do you know that you can make amazing snacks with the leftovers? Using oatmeal, smoothies, chicken, beans, pasta you can make amazing snacks.
  16. Peanut Bars – The butter of the peanut is a very yummy snack. It goes well with milk or coffee.
  17. Oat crackers – As discussed before, crackers are very popular among the kids. It adds protein into their diet you can add enough cheese in the oat crackers.
  18. Pumpkin Almond Butter muffins – From the very name of the recipes you can know that it contains enough vitamin A and proteins.
  19. Dry Cereal and Milk – This one is a great option for breakfast. The puffed whole grains and unsweetened mini wheat are some of the varieties in dry cereal and milk.
  20. Sugar snack bars – It is a great mix of protein, fat, and fiber. Many call it a superfood. It will energy and satiate your children immediately. It is very good to save your kids from being obese. They work as the best healthy snack for kids.
  21. Banana muffins – They are known for their flavor and proteins, whole grains, fat, and fruits.
  22. Fruit Leather – It has a great flavor that can be got through protein and fiber. Strawberry leathers are being the favorite among all the kids.
  23. No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter bars – It can serve a dessert and becomes a beautiful snack along with milk.
  24. Pancakes – These vintage snacks are loved by everyone even today. It is also a preschool snack as well as a weaning snack.

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