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3 Graphic Pen Tablet Starting from 7000 to 25,000

by Soft2share.com

The year 2021 has begun and many new gadgets have arrived in the tech market. After researching many products, specifications here we have brought three main tablets for those who are interested in drawing work. 

Graphic pen tablet for beginners and professionals

Wacom Intuos S

If you are a beginner in artwork and looking for a high-performance, high-functionality graphic pen tablet then Wacom Intuos S will be best suited to your convenience and needs. It is one of the most reliable, sustainable, and modest products for entry-level graphic designers. In India, it is available for under 15000 rupees. Price may vary. 

The functionality of the tablet and the digital pen is customizable according to the convenience of the user. It is lightweight, smooth, and works with all the available graphic and image designing tools. It is compatible with the Windows system as well as with Mac os. A USB port is available to connect it with the PC. 

If you can extend a budget a little bit you can also get a Wacom Intuos S model with Bluetooth connectivity so you don’t have to use USB. You can use space 6 by 3.7 inches to draw your art. Access the functionality of Corel painter essential 6 and Corel AfterShot to draw, edit, and beautify the images.

Huion1060 plus

Huion India tablets are comparatively cheaper than the Wacom tablet. Huion has segmented a couple of models of tablet in a low price segment. 

  • The Huion 1060 plus is available for under 7000 rupees. 
  • The area of a drawing is 10×6.25inch. With 12 custom buttons to access the functionality of the tablet. People are familiar with the 20-inch pc systems and can easily use them for drawing work. 
  • This tablet is beautifully designed and equipped with 8192 pressure-sensitivity levels.

Wacom Intuos Pro

Do you want to swap your old tablet with a new one?

Looking for a sleek, stylish, elegant, software compatible tablet than Wacom Intuos pro can be used for this. This tablet is assembled with advanced arrangements and options that a professional graphic designer demands. 

All the expectations are going to be fulfilled with the Wacom Intuos Pro. This tablet grabs the place between 20,000 to 25,000.

Wacom Intuos Pro is furnished with a nifty touch wheel, tilt entity, multi-touch, Bluetooth connectivity, 8 functional keys. The performance of this table is excellent. Medium size and Large size variants are available in the market so the choice is yours to purchase the best one. This tablet gives more clarity and accuracy than compared to other models.

Graphic pen tablet advice for beginners

If you have just started your graphical work journey then we will not recommend it to you. You can pick one from the two we have mentioned above, the Huion pen tablet specifications. More functionality means more effort to do. If one is not familiar with the technology this model will be tough to operate and manage. So, get the one that is manageable for you.

Hope you find this post insightful and informative. We are open to suggestions.

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