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3 reasons to opt Integrated Facilities Management Services

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Having ten distinct methods or procedures for a single activity is inefficient, and no one likes it. Why should the management of facilities be any different? That is how integrated facility management services work. When effectively implemented, IFM may enhance productivity and convenience throughout the business by streamlining communication between the organization and the vendor, simplifying the administration of regular processes, and improving productivity and ease of work across the organization.

Integrated Facilities Management consolidates facility management activities under a single discipline to assure smooth operation of buildings and facilities, including comfort, safety, and efficiency, by integrating people, processes, and technology which helps organizations benefit from the services of the team since assisting to eliminate wasteful expenditures. S&IB offers in-house integrated facility services that are tailored to clients’ needs and expectations.

What services does facility management offer?

Facility management entails more than simply managing people and utilities; it also encompasses aspects such as legal compliance, risk prevention, and the day-to-day operation of the organization. Here are some of the services that S&IB’s integrated facilities management services offer:

  • Janitorial and housekeeping Services
  • Maintenance of property
  • Pest Control
  • Mall Management
  • Swimming Pool Management
  • CCTV Camera Installation & Maintenance and so on

Well, listed below are the top 3 reasons to choose integrated facility management services-

1.   Helps to cut down overall operating costs

Redundancy and overlap are inevitable when several internal teams are tasked with managing various aspects of the workplace. As several teams spend their resources on ideas that don’t support the overarching business objectives, costs may also rise. Inefficiency and wasteful spending become much easier to identify with integrated facility solutions. The same is true for third-party providers. A single budget nearly invariably reduces supply and vendor expenses. Consider the increased productivity that comes with directing a single staff (compared to handling multiple partners).

2.   You get enhanced service quality at low costs

When you opt to outsource, you are entrusting these services to specialists. This means that you contribute knowledge and expertise to a certain service. These personnel are adequately qualified for these activities at these facilities management service organizations. They are incredibly competent in providing services that are tailored to your needs. When compared to in-house facilities management, this creates a significant difference in service quality. Outsourcing ensures dependable and high-quality facilities management services. Many businesses in India are choosing leading manpower outsourcing companies in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and other prominent cities which offer best services at minimal costs.

3.   Business operations will not be interrupted!

Downtime at your business might be caused by safety issues, accidents, material shortages, and scheduled maintenance. Such disruptions are frequently caused by poor cleaning. Whether it’s a silo that has to be vacuumed or a clogged conduit moving to or from a facility, an integrated solutions provider has the industrial cleaning skills to handle complicated difficulties.

Organizations may require a wide range of cleaning services, thus a possible partner must be equipped to handle a wide range of projects. Using automation to handle mechanical cleaning difficulties keeps employees safe and reduces the number of people required for the operation.

Given the intricacies and integrational challenges that frequently arise, the expertise of an IFM service provider is invaluable. As a provider of Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solutions, S&IB offers a variety of services, either in the form of fully integrated solutions or in any combination that best meets the demands of the customer.

Contact S&IB for more information on integrated facility management services and get a quote for your commercial building!

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