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3 Reasons to Schedule Your Instagram Posts and Stories to Boost Following and Engagement

by Soft2share.com

You have a business to manage and it means loads of work and little time. You need to focus on expanding your business, improve products, ensure team management, and of course, most essentially need to improve customer satisfaction. It means you need to free time during the workdays, squeeze time out for driving traffic to your website, and keep posting your branded content on Instagram. Then, many business owners find little time to schedule Instagram posts and stories, which is essential for improving engagement and increasing your follower count.

These days, you will find multiple social media scheduling tools to make your job a tad easier. Did you know that you could schedule Instagram posts for an entire week in minutes!

According to an article published on Huffpost.com, the best time to post on Instagram is 5 pm EST and on Wednesdays. You can also post between 2am and 5 pm EST, the best times if you would like Instagrammers to pay heed to your IG photos and videos.

You cannot afford to miss posting content on Instagram, and so, here are three reasons you must schedule your posts and stories to boost following and engagement on this photo-sharing social media platform:

1.  Find time for managing other business projects

Are you still scheduling our Instagram posts manually? If so, you are wasting too much time on it instead of focusing on your other business projects. It means you are eating into your productive time that is valuable. That is the reason why you need to schedule your Instagram posts for an entire week and focus on your other business projects. You need to focus on your business goals, launch one-off products, and build a powerful online community surrounding your business.

Then, when you have the right tool to schedule your IG posts, you save your valuable time. This way, you can automatically publish Instagram content all through the week and triumph over time to look into the other areas of your business.

Take out not more than 20 minutes every week to plan, schedule, and decide which content you want to auto-share so that you do not need to find time every day for scheduling Instagram posts. Once you schedule posts, you’re set for the whole week. Then, some posts need sharing at the moment, and for those, you can share a single IG content once a week. You do not need to do the‘on the moment’ sharing daily though.

2. Develop a consistent aesthetic

Instagram aesthetics is the key to the success of your social media marketing strategy on this photo-sharing platform. It is one of the time-tested ways to increase your likes and followers. Therefore, you need to build a consistent aesthetic for your business Instagram page.

These days, more people are switching to Instagram to look for their preferred brands, products, or services. It implies that your Instagram account is as important as the homepage of your business website. The IG feed is the first thing your targeted audiences see what they find a new Instagram profile, and therefore, you need to create the first good impression on your audience to buy IG followers and build more engagement.

The experts in the social media industry cite that you need to target 9-12 diverse categories of content to build your Instagram account, as well as, alternate between these while planning your grid. When you mull over your IG content in the grid format, the magic figure is 9-12 representing every post in your Instagram feed when new followers scroll through your IG account for the first time.

When a new visitor hits your profile and understands precisely what he or she expects from your Instagram feed, the person will most probably tap the follow button of the app.

When it comes to your Instagram aesthetics, itexpands to IG Reels, Stories, as well as IGTV videos. Make sure you post all content that has a complementary and cohesive design theme or subject matter. You need to match your Instagram Stories and grid aesthetic to your IGTV content impeccably for delighting your followers. It means that you need to incorporate your Instagram videos and Stories into your overall aesthetics.

The best way to create a cohesive aesthetic is planning your Instagram content, especially the use of a visual planner. A visual planning tool will help you reorganize or swap out images to create the right balance for your IG feed.

Again, when you schedule your Instagram Stories, you can storyboard the posts and get a snapshot of your IG Stories together with the feed content for a day. Scheduling your IG posts will not only help you ensure a consistent aesthetic but also help you post content regularly. This is essential if you want to increase your followers on Instagram.

3. Eliminate downtime away from your mobile device

You already know that when you schedule your IG content, you save much of your workweek time. Then, you also need to stay away from your smartphone and its alerts for some time. It means that when you schedule your posts successfully, you earn some well-deserved downtime and that too, during the weekends.

With tools working to schedule your Instagram content, no matter what the time of the day or which time zone you belong to, you can stay away from devices to get some precious time off from social media, alerts, and notifications. It helps you to spend some quality time with your loved ones and improves your mental health when you manage to stay away from screens and devices for some time. That is why scheduling your content matters because even when you are not using your phone, you know that an entire week’s content is scheduled to buy you some me-time.


Now that you have these tips handy, implement them to schedule your Instagram posts and Stories for increasing likes and followers. Then, you need to post stunning photos and videos on Instagram consistently to improve your follower count. When your audience knows when they can expect to see posts from your brand, they have a pleasing social media experience.

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