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3 Things to Know about Hiring Asbestos Removalists

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Most people stay concerned about their property safety in terms of using the right architectural products and fixtures. However, other things interfere with property safety on the list! Asbestos is one among them, and undoubtedly, most homes old nearly a decade might have traces of it. Initially, asbestos was a construction essential and used in buildings for noise-repellent purposes. But now, scientific researchers say, prolonged asbestos exposure can cause lethal lung complications. So despite Sydney having the most expensive housing market, the need for asbestos removal in Sydney isn’t trivial.

Since modern architecture came to Sydney in the early 1940s, most buildings in Sydney have their aesthetics and, so will they have asbestos lingering. Once you doubt that your building has contaminations of asbestos, it’s high time to hire a professional asbestos removalist rather than trying DIY removal stunts. Also, if you plan to renovate your property, the first thing to do is book an asbestos removal appointment with professional service providers.

How To Identify Asbestos Presence At Home?

If you’re bothered about Mesothelioma cases surging, you must be wondering how to detect if your home has asbestos. Unfortunately, there is no fixed procedure to identify an asbestos presence. However, there are some signs which indicate a possible carriage.

 If your property has floor voids, vinyl tiles for flooring, cold water tanks or roof coverings, then asbestos is likely in these areas. Also, if such spaces have damages or dampness, then the chances are higher! On the bottom line, the safest way to check for asbestos is to call out for an asbestos inspection. Most asbestos removalists also offer pre and post-removal inspection services.

Things To Remember During A Hire

According to the 2016 census, there are more than a lakh dwellings in Sydney. Due to this, abatement companies are also in demand. But not all professional removalists offer the same service. So, always remember to know what method they pertain to before hiring a service. When you are hiring professionals for asbestos removal in Sydney, look out for,

1.Service type

If you quickly want to carry over an asbestos inspection and then go for removal, look out for professionals who can double-up both. It’s because most removalists may offer combined services like demolishment or waste disposal. To get the maximum out of such professionals, make sure to hire the combination you need. For instance, if you want an extensive renovation, hire professionals who do demolishment and asbestos abatement!


Since asbestos has a tag of hazardous chemicals, only licensed professionals can go with abatement. So, it is highly significant to check if the removalist has a license, for instance, an EPA certification. If you hire unlicensed removalists, then it might turn into a risky game. In the worst cases, you might go against the Australian government policy. Never hire an abatement company that lacks a permit or insurance to claim if things turn topsy-turvy.

3.Reputation and Expertise

After you shortlist the best asbestos abatement companies, make sure to have a background check. It includes checking for customer reviews and ratings online. Also, verify with the company if they have the latest equipment and follow advanced techniques for better results!

Benefits Of Hiring Asbestos Removalists

  • If asbestos has been troubling your health, then getting them removed professionally can help you stay out of further exposure.
  • Also, such professionals come with the right gear, tools and equipment to detect, remove and dispose of asbestos safely.
  • Asbestos removalists make sure the process happens compactly, and there is no diffusion incurring during removal.
  • Finally, your family is now out of harmful lung complications and cancer occurrences.

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