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3 ways Tablet Computers Are Changing the Way We Learn

by Soft2share.com

With the growing popularity of tablet computers and the rise in mobile devices, this technology has the potential to significantly impact the way we absorb information. Consumers are smitten with these sleek, portable computers and find that, more often than not, the powerful applications reach far beyond fun and games. Tablet computers have the ability to connect, train, and organize individuals in a variety of fields – making the transfer of knowledge increasingly efficient. Read on for three ways tablets streamline the absorption of information and inherently alter theway we learn.


  • Increase Multimedia Interaction. Today, learning doesn’t have to mean opening up a dusty textbook and diligently taking notes in a college-rule notebook with a #2 pencil. Using tablet technology, students can toggle between spelling games, online publications, and brainteasers. Learning often takes place far beyond the walls of a classroom. Taking advantage of digital technology broadens an individual’s scope of education. With one small device, an enormous amount of information is at the user’s fingertips allowing them to engage with content in interactive ways.
  • Deliver instant gratification.Tablets allow us to stay continually connected on a global level. We have 24/7 access to news and current events as well as instantlinks to instructional guides, trainings, and support. Don’t know how to change a tire? Watch a youtube video and learn in two minutes. Can’t get your cable up and running? Try the online chat feature with customer service and learn how to avoid set-up mistakes in the future. Can’t figure out the product of 13 times 25? Google it. Tablets encourage users to constantly engage with the world around them and seek answers to questions from the pool of information available online. Answers are immediately available and lead to a learning process that encourages instant gratification.
  • Provide a single learning tool for life. Tablets are equipped to hold a tremendous amount of data and offer such immediate access to online resources, that they are a viable option for students of all ages. Whether a toddler is learning how to count, or a PhD candidate is editing a dissertation, a tablet can accommodate all levels of learning. Rather than carry around stacks of curriculum-based textbooks, tablet users can defer to a single device when they have a question. In addition, teaching children how to utilize mobile devices from a functional standpoint ensures that they have a grasp on the technology for later in life.

There is little doubt that tablets are having a significant impact on the way we learn.  The continual connection to the internet on an easy to use device is truly revolutionary.

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