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4InkJets Promo Codes: Remanufactured Ink that helps you Save Lots of Money

by Soft2share.com

The world consumes copious amounts of ink every year. Did you know that dozens of cartridges are consumed every second? But this should hardly come as a shock when you consider that 64 per cent of printing devices in the world are inkjet.

Each year, well over a 100 billion printers are sold worldwide. About 20 billion of these are sold in the US alone. In the end, the world ends up spending about $50 billion on printers every year.

The world also spends a fortune on inkjet cartridges. Every year, the world spends about $10 billion on inkjet cartridges. That is more than half the amount of money spent on ink jet printers.

Ink is very expensive. Volume-wise, it is even a lot pricier than blood, and even fine Champagne. There is one other problem, a lot of this ink gets wasted as printers use it up to clean up print heads and do other ink-consuming maintenance tasks.

And considering that some printers end up racking up to $100 in ink ‘maintenance’ costs annually, it is worth considering using remanufactured ink to keep ink costs low. This is made something of a necessity by the fact that some printers have been proven to spend less than 30 percent of the cartridge ink on actual printing!

I had a hard time believing that as well. So, it makes no difference if you are using your printer for light household use, or intensive business use, using remanufactured ink can lower your costs a great deal.

4InkJets has a one-of-a-kind remanufactured ink service that can lower your ink costs by up to 75%. The company has been doing this since 1999, and it guarantees a 100 satisfaction guarantee that many of its customers can attest to.

Remanufactured ink products are available for all popular ink jet brands and their most popular models. They include HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, Lexmark, Xerox, Samsung, and even Dell. For these brands, and their models, you can get ink cartridges, toner cartridges, refill kits, and other printer supplies at an affordable cost.

Coupon Codes for 4Inkjets

4InkJets is already giving customers a great deal on printer ink, but it’s worth seeking a better deal. Fortunately, this is possible when you use 4inkjets coupon codes.

  • At RetailMeNot.com, you can use the 4INKACCESS code to shave off 10% from your spending on ink and toner and get free shipping on your order as well.
  • A somewhat similar deal is available Coupons.com, where the 4INKJETS coupon code can get you 10% off when you buy ink and toner. You can also get free shipping if your order is worth at least $50.
  • A similar offer is available from the 4inkjets.com site, where the coupon code 4SAVE can help you get a 10 per cent discount on ink and toner.

Buhelo has the most recent coupon codes and savings deals for 4inkjets.com

Why use Remanufactured Ink?

Re-manufactured ink may sound enticing on paper, but what is it really like using it? Does it represent a compromise on ink quality, or even put the integrity of your printer at risk? The truth is that none of these issues need to be a concern to you – re-manufactured ink is pretty safe. In fact, here are some of the many benefits it brings to the table.

Reduced Cartridge Cost

Ink is pretty expensive, and when you consider that some printers are pretty good at wasting much of it, spending on ink cartridges becomes a real concern. Remanufactured ink is very cheap, and you can easily cut your costs by more than half when you go with this option.

It’s Good for the Environment

Remanufactured ink companies ensure that cartridges are not thrown away as soon as they run out of ink. It is estimated that the material used to make the cartridges requires about a millennium to decompose. By recycling these cartridges, the remanufactured ink makers can save our environment from a lot of woes.

It Does not Void the Printer Warranty

You might be tempted to bite the bullet and keep using the ink your printer brand recommends thinking that making the switch to remanufactured ink would void the warranty. But this is simply not the case. Using third-party ink does not void the warranty, unless the said cartridge leads to printer damage; and this rarely happens when using good quality remanufactured ink.

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