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5 Awesome Features of Magento 2 to look at in the year 2020

by Soft2share.com

Over the years Magento Website Development made noise with its extensive features along with quality results. This been highly admired by developers as well as store owners who wish nothing but upscale their conversion rate.

In this article, we picked the top 5 features that might change the course of the eCommerce industry in the year 2020. These features made significant progress from past few years and likely to make noise in upcoming years as well. Let’s have a look at these features along with their remarkable impacts:

1.  Mobile-Friendly Stores:

Majority of online shoppers who want instant service uses smartphones a lot to take care of their shopping. In comparison to the desktop, they prefer to take quick actions using smartphones hence Mobile shoppers make your store more popular. As per the survey conducted by the Magento community, on average 6hours daily spent by users on online shopping platforms using mobile. This number is quite large as compared to their older counterparts who used to sit long on desktop websites to get shopping experience.

Due to the content of these stores and convenience to access all the time anywhere, the mobile store stands on top with conversion rates. An experienced Magento Development Company studies these patterns and suggests a suitable solution as per the best interest of the business. Such facts exhibit that mobile commerce is the future of eCommerce websites and Magento 2 Website Development makes sure that they will stay solid to gain more access.

2.  Progressive Web Apps (PWA) for Business:

Taking mobile commerce to a further extent, developers now days shows a huge interest in making Progressive Web Apps which is the best available alternative of mobile apps.  People often didn’t wish to install apps until they trust is completely & have no choice. On the other hand from development perspective Progressive web apps turns out as a cost-effective solution that is quite suitable for both developers and store owners. Not to mention turnaround time is quite less than making an actual functional native or hybrid mobile app.

This technology will be the future of mobile web surfing at large and mobile commerce inexact. Gradually it became popular in the past two years or so & Magento 2 Development Company offering it a quick and sustainable solution to customers.

Magento Commerce 2.3 version led this trend to the top by including support elements for Progressive web apps. Magento PWA Studio launched for the very same reason in April 2018 and now after several versions released, Magento studio becomes the first choice of developers to make any eCommerce solution. With extensive features like compatibility with all devices, SEO friendly elements & Supports to API are setting a trend for the year 2020.

3. Chatbot Integration:

When it comes to trending features, we have to add up Chatbots into our list. Earlier it was quite difficult for store owners to understand users’ behavior and provide instant support for any manifestation.  Since then it was one of the biggest challenges for developers to find & implement a solution which has customer satisfaction element.

Now at that moment, chatbot function plays the role of a smart alternative to human customer care experts to instantly interpret customers’ needs and respond to them as quickly as possible using innovative technology. How interesting would that be when your store user gets the instant response for all their queries and as a result, it makes a remarkable impact on overall sales.

The chatbot can support and navigate clienteles from searching, browsing to checking out the product. There is no direct support available from the Magento community for the chatbots hence it requires Magento Custom Development solution. So, Magento website Development firms provide customize Chatbot solutions based on the requirement and behavior of the store. Some Magento Extensions are also available in the market who are built with basic Chatbot features to cater queries and provide assistance.

4. Video Content:

Product visualization is vigorous in the eCommerce sector. It gives authenticity, reliability and increases the conversion rate of an eCommerce store. Hence, adding the right video content always has an upper edge compared to sites that typically rely on product content only.

Here are some of the tips which will make your video content impactful:

  • Share your experience in detail to connect with the audience.
  • Avoid the direct selling of products.
  • Keep in crisp and straightforward.
  • Say Pros always as USP of product.
  • Own it like it’s the best.

Magento allows the seller to upload their unique videos through the YouTube API.  Magento Website Development experts integrate this API to your store to give a nice look to your product page. It is advisable to check for the copyright before deciding to upload it over the website. We strongly recommend using own content which makes an impact on your audience.

5. Use of AR/VR

The most advanced technology which is not only trending but also taking the overall shopping experience to the new horizon is AR/VR. However, many popular websites already working with this technology to give the most amazing experience to their users.

So, users can “Try out” or experience “Live Preview” before making actual orders. This is the future of eCommerce stores. Magento Development Company understands the necessity of AR/VR in stores hence included this as part of service. Thanks to Magento which allows developers to customize their store to such a high level. Open source platforms like Magento have adaptability in nature to provide desired output to developers.


Over the years we saw many eCommerce platforms but Magento stands still due to its flexibility, adaptivity towards all levels of customizations and better support. The above-mentioned points brought changes to the entire shopping experience and in the year 2020 people like these changes.

Connect with the right Magento Development Company to set up your store with all these advance game-changing features which make an impact on your business.  Due to competition, every store owner wishes to try something different to create a clientele. Let’s take the shopping experience to a new horizon!!

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