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5 Best Web Design Solutions that will Optimize Your Content-heavy Website

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Content is the key component of any website. It refers to the textual, visual or aural content published on a website. It is important create engaging content and organizing it in various categories to make it easy for the user to access. Website content plays a crucial role in generating web traffic. Hence, it becomes necessary to have optimized content on the website.

Now, the main objective behind content optimization is to ensure that the content is presented reaches out to the largest possible audience. This process involves execution of some simple and updated web design solutions viz. reform in the associated keywords, Meta data, picture quality, and tags. Every user wants to get the information or service which he or she is seeking as easy as possible. Else, they will look elsewhere.

It is a misconception among website owners that if they have pleasing content, then, they will attract more audience. In reality, the reach of the audience depends more on the functionality of the website. For example, if the website is not accessible, how will its content grab the audience’s curiosity? But sometimes the content is naturally very heavy and makes it tough for the website to function seamlessly.

Top 5 Design Solutions that will Optimize your Content-heavy Website

It does not matter whether you are building a brand new website or overhauling a pre existing one. Every site requires an updated design solution.

Following are 5 design solutions which can help you optimize your content heavy website:

1) User- friendly Design

Here “User” refers to the audience which will access the website. The website is not about you or the company, but the audience. The design should be simple and easily interface with the audience. Design it in such a way that the users can easily find the things they are looking for.

With time, the designs and page layouts have been evolved numerous times. While overhauling the website, it becomes imperative to update the outdated design and layout. If the website is still using a decade old layout with large chunks of disorganized information, then obviously it will load slower and cannot deal with the newer online algorithms.

It is the right time to refresh your website design and webpage layout in order to modernize the website. Today, all the well established websites with top ranks on search engines use modern design and break up the content into smaller and digestible bits. Therefore, even a heavy website loads as fast as a lighter one.

2) Mobile Optimized

With technological advancement, the size of digital resources has shrunk so much it can fit in our pockets. Desktop is being overtaken by mobile phones, particularly smartphones and hence the need for the mobile optimized websites.

Your website needs to be mobile friendly as more than half of the population uses mobile phone. Majority of the people prefer finding information using these smart phones rather than a desktop. Mobile phones are handy and can be used anywhere – the information they are searching for is just one click away. Smart phones would account nearly 80% of all the web traffic. In fact, Google says that 61% of the users do not come back to a mobile site if they had trouble in accessing it. Also, 40% of the users who face this trouble then visit a competitor’s mobile website instead.

So, be sure to test your website on a basic smartphone and tablet. Also, check the functionality and accessibility of the website on that device.

3) Graphics Optimization

Graphics are the visual representation of information on the website to enhance communication with the website user. Graphic design is an art with a purpose which involves systematic and creative plans to boost user interaction. It includes the utilization of various images, videos, symbols or sometimes audio as well.

But graphics consumes too much space and makes the site heavy, due to which the websites load too slow. With compatible graphic design solution, the graphics of the website can easily be optimized to boost the website loading speed. If you are creating a brand new website, then a graphic design solution can be critically important in providing an attractive and functional graphic design and layout.

Ensure not to use too many textures and colors. These will lower your website’s attractiveness, not hike it. Limit the variety of fonts to three or less if you are creating a professional website. Do not use the overused stock images and icons as the visitors are used to see these images on every other site. Ultimately, it will erode the trust of the visitor.

4) Resize and Optimize Images

This is an important step in speeding up a content heavy website. Choosing the right format and quality takes website optimization miles ahead. Incorrect resizing of images is one of the biggest problems for most websites. Always remember, whenever the layout of the website changes then the image dimensions need modification. Also, the images should be resized and optimized in such a way that the mobile site is also accessible.

When we compare the page elements such as text, buttons and images, the images always takes up the most page space. Try not to use too many images. If that is not possible, try and minimize the text – keep it short and sweet.

5) Keep it As Simple As Possible

According to most web designers and users, a website with minimal elements is far better in terms of usage. A user wants easy navigation on the site rather than unnecessary animations, pop ups and trendy design elements. Focus on showing quality content which can give the desired information to the user is a more useful option.

Always let the content and the service speak for itself. Using too many themes, effects and animation will never attract the visitor. A website is a platform which displays your message to your audience and symbolizes the level of professionalism.


Website is your 24X7 visiting card across the globe and across all time zones. Considering the notorious impatience of the web user, you have only one shot. Make it count!

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