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5 Fantastic Ways to Market your Business with Words

by Soft2share.com

The right words can be invaluable when promoting a product or service. A couple of persuasive sentences or a longer article can work wonders in marketing and convince a customer or client to buy what you are selling, but how exactly should you convey your words?

There are some talented writers working in marketing today, offering a number of different services and types of copy that could be just what you need. Here are 5 ways to market your business with words, because the pen – or keyboard – really is mightier than the sword.


1) Email marketing

Email marketing services are popular way to get a message across to potential clients, customers and event delegates. Of course almost everyone has an email address today and most people check their account daily. This is therefore a great means to contact someone with some engaging text to encourage them to make a purchase, use a service or attend an expo, trade show or demonstration.

2) Social media

Social media is a hot marketing technique that businesses in all sectors are jumping on. This is a great way to speak to existing and potential customers and clients, with either short updates or links to newsletters and articles. Social media also allows you to engage people by sharing pictures, videos, audio and other media to reel in new business.

3) Blogging

A lot of companies have their own blog nowadays, to discuss their services, products and news that is relevant to the industry. People can choose to follow this blog and for a number of firms this is a very successful way of increasing their exposure and marketing their business.

4) Guest blogging

Another way that companies promote their name, their products and their services is with guest blogging. This is where a company writes a blog for an external site. This is beneficial in terms of exposure – of getting a name and a message out there – but also in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation). Guest blogs provide back links to a company’s website and this is extremely valuable when attempting to improve search results in Google and other search engines.

5) News sections

A large number of company websites now have dedicated news sections. These sections can be used to share the latest news from your firm, whether that is promotions within the company or fantastic new products or services that you are launching. This is a great way to share information that could lead to more sales and more business, and that is the goal of marketing after all.

Consider the value of these 5 methods of marketing your business with words and invest in some quality writing today.

About Sam B: I am an enthusiastic UK-based blogger and copywriter with a keen interest in content marketing and email marketing services.

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