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5 Most Important Things About Early Stage Breast Cancer: Patient Should Know

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With the increasing rate of women who have breast cancer both in rural and urban areas across the globe is quite alarming. Most of them certainly neglect the initial symptoms, which ultimately takes a deadly turn, thus leaving no room for damage control. It is just not about the treatment you have to be concerned with. A woman needs exceptional emotional support to accept it and fight her way back to life.

While you concentrate on consulting the breast cancer doctors, make sure you are taking care of the mental breakdown of the patient along with the financial aspects.

Early-stage breast-cancer patients have to keep certain essential factors in mind before starting with the cancer treatment in India.

  1. The patient will be emotionally vulnerable and will perhaps suffer from a severe breakdown the first time she hears about it. Trauma, stress, fear of the unforeseen, anxiety are amongst the common psychological effect that comes as a package with the disease. While this may hamper the social and personal life of the victim, she needs to be assured that things will fall back into place. The family has to be there by her side, being her strength. If it turns out to be a clinical depression, a psychiatrist’s consultation is recommended.
  2. Breast cancer is of various type. Visit RGCIRC for consultation with the best breast cancer doctors and know which type and stage you are suffering from. Tumours detected at an early stage can be often cured with the advancement of science and technology. Also, personalised breast cancer treatment in India is now available. The oncologists will do their best to provide the best possible medical care to the patient.
  3. While it has a devastating effect on the woman, she has to also decide on whether to carry on or quit her job keeping in mind her financial condition. If she leaves the job, she might be stressed for arranging funds for her treatment. Depression from sitting at home sick all of a sudden can also be dangerous. But if she carries on with her profession, people around her have to understand her needs and support her as she gets used to the sudden change of behaviour slowly.
  4. The patient has to be assured both by the doctors and the family members that early detection of breast cancer has a high rate of survival. The treatment can be started early, and all the required drugs and therapies can be given as per need, and the patient will soon get back to her feet for regular life. But for that, regular self-checkup is essential, and if any small lump or unusual swelling is found, an immediate visit to a doctor is a must.
  5. It is important to talk with the victim to understand her mindset. Motivating her, helping her to do things she loves like music or drawing can be helpful. Also, encourage her to read up success stories and relevant information regarding her disease to avoid any misconception which may prove to be fatal.

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