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5 Most Web Hosting Issues that Commonly Occur

by Soft2share.com

Here is a list of the most common web hosting problems and quick fixes for the pesky issues:

1.     Web Address Still Reads “Coming Soon”

This is one of the most common hosting problems newcomers face. Even after you have uploaded your site, the web address may only indicate that the page is “coming soon.” There are two main reasons for this issue. First is the obvious fact that the web browser is loading the older version of your site. The second possible explanation is that you may have uploaded your site to the wrong web address.


Don’t worry; fixing this issue is not hard. If the browser is loading the older version, clear the browser’s cache and try again. It should be enough to fix the problem. There are two things you can do to make sure you have not uploaded your site to the wrong page. First, go to your hosting account and double check to see that you have uploaded the content to the correct folder. If this is right, then check the index.html or default.html files. Sometimes uploading an invalid index file can cause the site not to appear on browsers.

2.     Updates Do Not Show on Site

You may have spent hours adding new updates to your site. But there’s one problem: when you load the site on a browser, the updates do not show up. The fix here is relatively straightforward: clear the browser’s cache and try again.

3.     Website Goes Down After Changes

Your site may have managed to stay up for a while, but after making some changes, the site is now down. However, updating or making changes rarely, if ever, causes a site to go down. Most commonly, the hosting servers undergoing downtime cause this problem. It’s possible that the hosting company’s servers are overwhelmed by traffic. So if your site is down, you should first call your hosting provider. You may be able to check the server status on the hosting company’s online accounts before calling.

The other common reason websites go down is caused by changes to the domain name of your sites. If something was changed with your site’s DNS settings, then your web address will not be recalled to load. You cannot fix this issue on your own. You will have to call your hosting provider and get it resolved.

4.     Website Loads, but without the Images

Your site loads fine but none of the images appear. It’s possible that the images you uploaded never went to your site’s hosting account. So, try re-uploading the images and see if the problem gets fixed. You can also try checking if the images were uploaded to the right file. Go to the white space where the images are supposed to be on your site and right click. Open the image on a new tab or a window. That will show the URL the site is using for the images. Your images should be uploaded to this directory.

5.     Website Layout isn’t What It’s Supposed to be

Your website may load but not in the way it was designed to be laid out. Some text may be missing as well. This happens when the CSS (cascading style sheet) file of your website is missing or gets misplaced. You can try uploading the whole site again. A CSS file that wasn’t uploaded the first time may get to the right place the second time. If that doesn’t work, you will have to manually locate the CSS file and move it to the right place. Follow these steps to locate your CSS file: right click on home page, select “view source”, scan the top of the page for your CSS file directory. Your CSS file should be in this directory.

If none of the above mentioned fixes work, you will have to directly contact your hosting service provider.


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