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5 of The Best Apps to Increase Your Productivity

by Soft2share.com

Ever felt like you needed to clone yourself just to get everything done? Or that you find yourself falling asleep in the afternoon from exhaustion? Would you like to find a way to increase your productivity? Whether you sell money clips online, manage excel sheets all day, or make bread, wouldn’t it be nice to work more efficiently? Check out these awesome apps designed to improve your business’ productivity.


  1. Producteev

This app is designed to help you and your team work better. Far from being an ordinary to do list, Producteev provides a wide range of features that will help you delegate: networks, projects, tasks, labels, deadlines, priorities, and filters. The app has a user-friendly interface and allows you to have one-to-one contact with your team members to discuss projects and tasks. It works on both Android and iPhones.


  1. Evernote

This app is like having a second memory, where you can note down everything you wish. While Evernote won’t replace your business card holder; it can replace your agenda and any other small notes covering your desk. With no space limit, the app allows you to access your data from multiple devices, as it’s user-friendly and customer oriented. And there’s more. Evernote is a cloud-based app where you can do more than just keep your files. You can edit and tag documents with little effort, and keep everything well organized.

  1. OfficeTime

This tool works perfectly for all executives and freelancers who record billable hours and release invoices. Billing sheets that never are filled on time are history now. With OfficeTime, you can forget all about counting, as the app will do it for you. You click a few buttons and get an accurate record of your worked hours. The app also helps you track time when developing hourly paid projects, and it can be perfect to help you screen working hours for your team.

  1. FlipBoard

Knowledge is power. And the FlipBoard creators saw the truth behind this phrase. Besides being a magazine and news app, FlipBoard is also a social network, so you can stay connected with the people that matter to your business. You can choose the topics you’re interested in from various possibilities, which include technology, news, design, travel, and many other niches.

  1. Fancy Hands

This app provides your own virtual assistant in an instant. It’s ideal if you have too much on your plate already and your to-do list is getting longer by the day. Use the Fancy Hands features for research, purchasing, finding executive gifts, making long phone calls, or booking appointments. You can choose any of the three packages depending on your needs, with prices between $3 and $6 per request.

Check out the apps and decide which one will work best for you. There are millions of apps available starting from less than $1, or even completely free. Let technology work for you and save you time to focus on your goals.

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