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Competition in digital marketing is increasing at the speed higher from that of Japan’s bullet train. The credit of this rapid change and growth can be given to the changing technology in the world. From eating to sleeping, from mending shoes to operating brain, everywhere you look around you can find technology spreading its magic. Technology has not discarded digital marketing arena also. With every new technology, Google updates itself to give better user experience in minimum efforts. It is obvious that when marketers need better web marketing, they reach to top SEO company but when they need better technology do, they consult anybody?

SEOCalling has brought this informative post to highlight the importance of a professional technologist in marketing.

Hold onto your seats. Let us begin!

The role of technologist has been very understated in marketing organizations. Technologist is the one who has a profound knowledge of technology and its corresponding use in marketing to yield better result. Looking at the challenges in the digital marketing for the year 2021, it is easy to predict that the upcoming years will have more technological upsurges that will be capable of changing the digital marketing arena.

Still not convinced? Here’s the list benefits that technologists can create for your marketing campaign.

Give direction to your planning

Technologist have a huge importance from the planning stage of the marketing campaign itself. Hire a technologist that can streamline your planning process and scrap off those long meetings. Technologist can plan in digital format while using all the latest technological aspect. In this way lot of valuable time can be saved. For example, if you want to plan marketing campaign and earn profit without having a website, then technologist is the one who can suggest you different SEO tools or software for carrying out the campaign.

Bring physical strategies and digital strategies together

The latest in the world of innovation is virtual marketing. But with these, we cannot forgo the importance of physical strategies that are important for customers. Technologist can work together to bring these realms together in the most constructive way. For example, Nike has done this in great way by its soccer app campaign, which involves projecting soccer pitches onto urban area. These two can be combined by augmented reality activities and many other ways. Technologists can show their creativity in such aspects.

Get a head start on tech issues

Marketing campaigns usually have lot of technical glitches that has to be attended by the technologist. Usually, company call experts after they have encountered the problem and faced the loss already. If you have a technologist already in your team, these issues can be dealt in the easiest ways. For example, have you faced password problem for any of your business? Then you know how it bothers you. If your account gets hacked or password is lost, then your in-house technologist is the one who can take you out of the mess.

Think on it!

Provide personalized experience

Technologist can be a big benefit for the company to personalize their marketing campaign from day one so that the users get the best experience on apps or on websites. Use your technologist from day one to utilize big analytical data, streamline planning and customize effort according to the targeted customers.

Map your campaign

Technology has the potential to tell you how your campaign is progressing. Hiring a technologist will help to understand the meaning behind the complex data that are generate on tools to map the progress of the campaign. Technologist can also mark the shortcomings that are being reflected in the tools that can be otherwise checked and make the campaign more profitable.

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