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5 Reasons To Set An Online Shop For A Club?

by Soft2share.com

Ask any businessman about the crucial thing that makes a business grow and earn profits, and they are likely to answer, every penny and minute saved because that is a penny and a minute earned. We are certain you people at sports clubs follow the same ideology.

In order to save a penny and minute, you may need to look into places where these two are invested. One of those places is your club shop, where you sell your club’s merchandise and teams’ sports kits.

For selling your club’s merchandise and sports kit, you would require a point of contact with the prospective customers. To create that point of contact, you can either set up your own brick and mortar club shop, which will be both time to consume and expensive, or you can set up an online club shop, which will be hassle-free and easy to set up as well as manage.

To set an online club shop, there are two options. First is to set an online shop at your club’s own website. This means you would require to keep a stock of items for sale, in absence of which you may lose prospective fans or customers to delay in delivery, and in addition to that, your players in need of team wear would suffer through this delay equally. This is solved by the second option, which is to set up an online club shop at a third-party website.

These third-party websites don’t have to be someplace totally unrelated because there are sports kit manufacturers who offer the facility to set an online club shop at their website. One such manufacturer is Zapkam. It provides you with a free online 3D Kit Designer and enables you to design your own sportswear, while also offering you an option to set up your own club shop on its website.

The advantages of setting up your club shop with manufacturers like Zapkam are:

  • It enhances your club’s brand by enabling you to showcase your range of match kits and team wear at one place.
  • It brings consistency to the club’s identity.
  • It saves you money by eliminating the hassle of keeping unnecessary stocks in sizes which may rarely sell. The other benefit is that it takes payments directly from the players or their parents, and the items are directly delivered to them by the manufacturer.
  • It saves you, as a coach, all the volunteer time, and you would no longer need to order your players’ kits for them because they can buy it directly from the club shop online.
  • It is always available, that is a particular design of personalized sports kit is never discontinued by manufacturers like Zapkam. This means your players and their parents can buy it any time of any day.

Setting up an online club shop with manufacturers like Zapkam certainly brings ease, affordability, and comfort, both for you and your team players. So, set one up now.

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