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5 Reasons to Trade-In Your Netbook for a Tablet

by Soft2share.com

Netbooks became very popular a few years ago, but since the arrival of tablets like the iPad sales have fallen dramatically. If you are considering buying a new netbook, you may want to think about buying a tablet instead. Here are some of the main reasons why you should upgrade to a tablet instead of buying a new netbook.


  1. Faster

The fact that tablets tend to be a lot faster is one of the main reasons why you may want to sell your netbook. Tablets are kept in an ‘always on’ mode so that they are ready to use at the touch of a button, whereas with a netbook you have to power it up before you can use it, and this can take a long time. Tablets also tend to be faster to use than netbooks, so when you open an app it may open immediately so that you don’t have to wait around too long.

  1. No Need for Antivirus Protection

If you have a netbook you will need to use antivirus protection, which is another expense to consider. However, tablets do not have this problem because the vast majority of viruses are written for Windows computers and netbooks.

  1. Cheaper

Tablets are getting cheaper all the time. Although notebooks are still relatively good value, the competition in the tablet sector has pushed prices down so now you really can pick up a bargain.

  1. Wide Variety of Apps

If you invest in an iPad you will have access to hundreds of thousands of apps that are all available at the touch of a button. There are some really innovative apps available now on both iOS devices and Android devices, and you can find whatever you are looking for with no problem as there seems to be an app for every purpose.

With netbooks, you have to hunt down the various software that you want to use and then go through the process of downloading it to your netbook, which may present problems. Whereas with a tablet, you will have everything you need in one single store.

  1. Simpler to Use

Tablets are designed to be incredibly easy to use, so even if you count yourself a technophobe you will be able to work out how to use a tablet in no time at all. When you download apps, all it takes is a few clicks and there are no complicated processes to go through. Opening apps is as simple as tapping your finger on an icon. There are no complicated things to remember, and that means you can focus instead on simply enjoying your tablet rather than having to work out how it works.

Try a Tablet for Yourself

If you are considering buying a new netbook, it is definitely worth at least considering buying a tablet instead. The best way to find out just how suitable a tablet may be for you is to have a go on one yourself. Pop into your nearest computer store and play around with one, and you will see how different it is to using a netbook. This will then help you to make your own mind up about whether it is the right choice for you.

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