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5 Solutions Every Business Should Think About Using

by Soft2share.com

When managing a business, you need to use every single tool and service available to you to improve the company’s numbers. Sometimes, you need to get clever with your business decisions and investments to come out ahead of the competition. Here are some of the more effective solutions your business can use to expand and prosper in today’s competitive market.

Expand products with complementary services

Sometimes, having a little extra incentive to buy something can go a long way. This is the same line of thinking that has got businesses offering complementary products and services alongside their regular products and services. 

A landscaping company that also offers free pool maintenance is going to be worth considering if you have a pool. This would make them the first choice in a suburban setting. The additional service doesn’t cost the business a lot of time or effort, which is why it’s so easily offered, but it means a lot to the customers.

Consider cooperative sales agreements

Healthy competition is an important part of a free market, but competition isn’t the only kind of relationship you can have with other businesses. Cooperating with the right businesses can bring you very effective results in marketing and selling products. 

For example, if a business sells products that complement yours well, there’s no reason you would try to undermine their business. Instead, you have lots of incentive to cooperate with them and create a joint sales plan. 

This is something hardware and software companies often agree to. Since hardware is going to require software either way, you might as well team up with a software company to create a promotion. 

By working together, two businesses can create a more competitive combination than their peers. If a customer only has to make a single deal to get both products, they’ll find it more convenient than having to organize the same deals with several businesses.

Expand your market area

For many businesses, it doesn’t seem cost-effective to offer their services in a large geographic market area. If your state has lots of businesses that act as competitors, what use is there to spread into their territory? Sticking to your local area and city seems like the most effective solution.

However, you never know how far distribution and marketing reach in other, remote areas. It’s also possible that other businesses use this same line of thinking and avoid distributing to these areas. In this case, you have an untapped market that’s worth looking into. 

Covering a larger market isn’t going to cost you much, but it could increase your potential consumer base two-fold or more. Always check if there’s demand for your business in surrounding areas, even if they seem like unlikely candidates for expansion.

Delegate debt collection

In business, you’ll occasionally run into clients and business partners that are unwilling to pay their dues. Whether this is due to an inability to muster up the funds in a short amount of time or due to negligent spending, it’s still a problem for your business. If clients stop paying on time, the cash flow is disrupted and then your business can’t pay off its debts. 

Chasing after these debts is a difficult task, especially if the debtor is not cooperative. In these situations, it’s best to delegate the task to those with the resources to track them down. A professional debt collection agency is going to be a lot more well-equipped to find and investigate a debtor than your average business owner. Allowing someone else to deal with this issue will save you funds, time, and nerves, while also producing much better results.

Bundle products

It’s hard to pass up a good deal at a store. When you have the option of purchasing a single item or several items with a hefty discount, it’s clear what choice you’re going to make. This is especially true if you need each of the items that are offered. This is the line of thinking behind bundles and they are a very effective way to quickly boost business and increase sales. 

While your business offers a discount for several items, it’s still working with a high-profit margin. All that matters is that the bundles seem much cheaper than individual sales. The truth is that they are, but it’s more of an investment to buy the bundle either way. This way both the business and the customer get what they want.


Business requires that you apply new and creative solutions every single day to keep your company competitive. There’s no shortage of ideas and resources that can help you achieve this. If you’re currently strapped for ideas, make sure you regularly brush up on your competition and how they handle issues. Consider the above examples for your business and start applying solutions to common problems. 

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