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5 Things that will Doom Your Business Intelligence Investment

by Soft2share.com

In a recent Gartner report, analysts said that the amount of enterprises leveraging the full potential of their business intelligence solution was less than 30%. For those who know about the kind of investment Business Intelligence tools require, it will be nothing short of a shock.

Why is it then that several Business Intelligence projects tend to fail? More specifically, what is it that makes or breaks a project developed on Business Intelligence (Business Intelligence) tools?

Business intelligence concept man pressing selecting BI

Business intelligence concept man pressing selecting BI

Let’s take a look at some common problems:

  1. Failure to plan: Unrealistic expectations and an unclear understanding of needs and goals is one of the most common reasons Business Intelligence projects fail to benefit a business. You have to know what kind of decisions are to be made, how the data is going to be measured for that, and where that data will come from.
  1. Integration failure: One thing that will surely kill your Business Intelligence project is flawed data. Any enterprise application needs data that is cleaned and validated. Without that, your decision making is going to be based on flawed data, and the results can be disastrous. Hence, data integrity is the base on which a Business Intelligence project must be built on.
  1. Complicated interface: It’s human nature to resist change. There can’t be a better example than employees or users cribzng about the new interface that demands them to remember too many things or confuses them no end. They end up relocating to older methods, or the system gets bottlenecked – both situations that defy the purpose of Business Intelligence So, research well before purchasing a Business Intelligence program, and train users to gradually ease them into using it.
  1. Unhappy user: While you are deciding which Business Intelligence tool to choose and implement, take great care that the user is interviewed to know what they require or want to achieve. Establish a business understanding to ensure that data entered or procured by the user does not get siloed. Only proper prior research will lead to a Business Intelligence project getting utilized to its full potential.
  1. Analysis trouble: The motto of “If you build, they will come” is not really appropriate in this context, although, sadly, many follow it to the T. The reckless building of data will lead nowhere; researching, planning, and executing the correct data will take you places. Don’t analyze too much; analyze at the right places.
  1. Inability to adapt: Be flexible in your planning such that a Business Intelligence tool or a course of action can acclimate to changes in business plans like a new product launch, a different software platform, or the one that breaks havoc – merger and acquisition. Though it’s true that most Business Intelligence solutions aren’t built to cope up with changes, it is better to look for one that does when a lot is at stake.

Business intelligence is getting adopted at a happy rate, as businesses create more and more data. By taking a proactive approach to the kind of problems mentioned above, one can fortify a Business Intelligence project against likely failures. To know more about big data online course, sas training business analytics and online analytics course in India, visit AnalytixLabs.

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