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5 Tips to Make Your Office Infrastructure Work

by Soft2share.com

A lot of people spend more hours at work than they do at home. This means that the office layout and infrastructure greatly influence their mood, their mental health and their happiness. For those who believe that the last part is abstract and irrelevant from the business standpoint, it’s worth mentioning that happy employees tend to work 12 percent better than their discontent counterparts. In other words, not only is the impact of one’s happiness a quantifiable factor but it makes a huge difference in the performance of your business. With this in mind, here are five tips on how to make your office infrastructure work.

1.      Keep it neat

The first thing you have to do, in order to make your office infrastructure work, is ensure that the hygiene and neatness are on a satisfactory level. The hygiene is directly related to the health in the office, which means fewer sick days. Needless to say, this is something that boosts the performance of the office on its own. As for the neatness, fewer clusters mean fewer visual distractions, not to mention that the traffic across the office becomes substantially easier. While a cleaning company can help you out in this regard, it’s much cheaper and more effective to make sure everyone keeps their own workstations clean.

2.      Connect with the outside world

Your office needs to become this oasis of hard-work and creativity, sheltered from the distracting influences of the outside world. However, in the hyper-connected world of 2018, it’s more than vital to maintain this connection with the outside world. This starts with your office broadband package but it definitely doesn’t end there. You would be surprised just how important telemarketing is even in 2018, which is an additional reason why you might want to look for agencies capable of providing you with 1300 numbers.

3.      Allow personal space customization

While you’re already giving people the responsibility to keep their desk clean, you might also allow them to personalize their own workspace. For instance, if some of them have a collection of figurines back at home, why not allow them to bring some of them to work and display them on their desk? Most companies already encourage people to display photos of their loved ones and this idea virtually just takes things one step further. In return, you stand to make people feel more accepted, which will boost both their productivity and loyalty.

4.      Flexible office hours

Most people tend to be productive early in the morning, yet, there are those who prefer to work late at night. Some even go as far as to follow the example of people who start their shift at 4 AM and, if they truly find this to be effective, why interfere. What you need to do is ensure your office has flexible hours and enable access to anyone who prefers working at odd hours. Sure, some employers believe that the peer system is the only effective technique of preventing employee theft, then again, there are other ways to protect your office supplies and valuables.

5.      Reception is not only for clients

Most entrepreneurs see their reception area as a threshold after which their visitors become their clients. However, does your office receive interested parties every day of the week? On the other hand, your employees are the ones who walk past your reception desk and your receptionist every single day, which is on its own enough to raise one important question – is your reception only there so that your clients feel welcome? Of course not. With this in mind, make sure to make this area as staff-friendly, encouraging and even inspiring, as possible.


One thing that you might have noticed about the above-listed five methods is that they don’t actually cost you that much in terms of resources. If anything, the connectivity tip even stands to reduce your utility bill in the long-run. This is exactly what makes these business practices a positive foundation for your company’s future growth. The size and location of your office may change but the relevance of the above-listed five trends will not.

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