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5 Ways to Improve your Organisation’s Cybersecurity

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Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many organizations have resorted to remote work from home mode. In this unprecedented situation, remote working has eased difficulties. Still, the rapid growth of remote working has also posed challenges in managing cybersecurity issues. Concerns related to massive vulnerabilities in cybersecurity and cyberthreats have increased during the pandemic. According to World Economic Forum’s “Global Risks Report 2020,” the chances of catching and prosecuting a cybercriminal are almost nil (0.05%). Only awareness and resilience are crucial to securing sensitive data and avoiding breaches.

Here are some ways to improve your Organisation’s Cybersecurity

Evaluate your organization’s current security measures

Improving your organization’s security posture begins with evaluating the effectiveness of your company’s current security measures. Begin with conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment and identify the level of vulnerability across various assets within your organization. The results of the assessment will help you to take the required actions for strengthening cybersecurity.

Invest in quality network infrastructure

It is vital to make investments in a scalable, high-bandwidth network infrastructure. Without a compatible infrastructure, all efforts to improve cybersecurity are incomplete. Develop infrastructure capable of providing enhanced security options for sensitive data.

Keep software and applications updated.

Ensure that all the systems and software which are being used in your organization are licensed and entirely up to date.  Also, make sure to implement authentication factors such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). This will make your employees and their data much safer from potential attacks.

Educate your employees about Cybersecurity threats and measures

It is essential to inform your employees about online safety, cybersecurity measures, and attacks. Conduct regular awareness training sessions to keep everybody up-to-date with current cybersecurity threats and trends. Regular testing of employees’ cybersecurity literacy will help you to evaluate the effectiveness of the training programs you have in place.

Implement automated cybersecurity solutions

Implementing automated cybersecurity solutions into your organization’s network environment is essential to mitigate risk and improve security practices. It helps your IT team to focus their efforts on high-risk threats. Also, automated cybersecurity solutions can help cut down incident response times and stop attacks from spreading across networks.

In a period of increasing vulnerabilities and attacks, being rightly informed and aware is the key to reduce any potential harm. As an organization, focus on creating an environment of cybersecurity that encourages everyone to know what the right actions are needed.

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