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50K Designers. 113K Websites. 1 Professional Code-Free DesignStudio. Powered by Webydo.

by Soft2share.com

As the web world is expanding day by day it is much difficult to get the maximum number of viewership for a particular website. Users are looking for pretty decent and enchanting user interface with some cool features. WordPress and blogger is used to create your own personal websites and blogs. But customizing in the website is only possible through theming. Also those platforms will not allow you to design websites according to your taste in an easy. This article is all about a complete review of the website webydo.com, a platform where you can get your website designed in a Professional way.


What is webydo.com?

Webydo is a website which is mainly used in order to design a website according to your wish. These can be done for free of cost. By customizing the website you can increase the website’s viewership to a great extent. Also another important feature is that this website is completely independent of coding skills. You can design the website using the drag and drop feature which makes the customizing ability very easy.

Advantages over other websites?

One of the main advantage is that as said earlier the website is completely coding free. Even a beginner can develop their own websites with a few clicks. You can customize each and every page in the website. The website provide you all these features completely free of cost. Up to 15 pages, you can customize for free of cost but more than 15 pages you have to pay a small amount nearly about 7 to 9 USD. Also if you are in need of own domain name, same amount has to be paid. Webydo will provide unlimited bandwidth with free of cost. So you can add as many websites in to your account.

All you have to do is to direct your browser to http://webydo.comand start building!

Within the website just sign up with the name of your site and direct to the dashboard for customizing the website. While customizing the website you have got 3 options. Either you can use the pre saved layouts or edit the pre designed layouts or else you can start from the blank layout and start editing. You can select the layout type according to the genre of your website like portfolio, technology etc…

Supports multi-platform

Now a days the usage of smartphones and tablets is much high. In order to view these sites just like in the PC is very difficult and use more data. Similar to other website building sites Webydo also supports multi-platform. That is, Webydo will convert your website automatically according to the device that you are using. For example if you are viewing the website on a smartphone or in a tablet the website will automatically convert it to the screen size. In order to load the websites faster rate, the Webydo will compress the websites without losing the quality of the website.

As a final word, the Webydo is a suitable platform for those who really want to promote their business through the internet also to make some profit through the website.


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