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6 Trending Fashion Choices in Hong Kong

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If you are planning on visiting Hong Kong, then you need to know what the current fashion trends are in this city, which is filled with diverse clothing trends. This would help you pick out the clothes that would help you blend in with the crown and feel at home.

Finding the best shops in Po Hing Fong where you can get the latest and trending clothes is not as easy job. First, you need to know what you want, only then you can begin the process of looking for chopping places in Hong Kong.”

 Here are the 6 most trending fashion choices of people here in Hong Kong 

Pastel Power Dressing

This is the latest collection that you’ll soon see in the streets of Hong Kong. Crafted by Emma Wallace boutique, one of the highest rated and the best shops in Po Hing Fong, this dressing is all about inspiring confidence in women who wear it. You can find it in many refreshing colors. The dressing includes tightly fitted clothes with a kind of oversized jacket that gives this dress an iconic look. It is not exactly in the streets yet, but it is expected to be a big hit.


Let’s talk a bit about the trending informal clothing choices here in Hong Kong. You’d see most people, especially youngsters wearing Joggers, sweatpants or sneakers or a similar combination of footwear and clothes. People are walking around the streets in comfortable leggings, jackets, Nike shoes and sneakers. Hong Kong is a busy city and if you are to move around in this place just for fun, then you need to wear comfortable clothes that don’t put extra pressure on your muscles.     

“His and Hers” Clothing Trend

Asian couples in Hong Kong are really embracing the His and Hers style. You’d see every other couple wearing matching clothes or footwear. There are so man unique ideas exhibited by couples here in Hong Kong for him and hers dressing style. You can search it out on Google if you are looking for a couple fashion idea for your special someone. So, as for the dressing trends for couples, there is an outstanding coordination that you’ll see when walking around the streets of Hong Kong.  

Tropical Printed Jackets

Tropical printed jackets and bombers are a trend that is unique to Hong Kong. If you visit Hong Kong in summers, you’d see the streets filled with floral printed bombers for men as well as for women. And if you want to buy one for yourself, then simply just visit any clothing shop in Po Hing Fong in summers and you’d see a huge collection of these bombers in multiple styles and multiple prints. These bombers are not suited for winters, if you are here in summers then you should definitely try out this cool fashion trend. 

Triangle Printed Bags for ladies

This trend is not specific to Hong Kong but since we are talking about it now, HK saw a huge shift of women towards triangle printed bags. These bags are usually in black and white colors with triangles printed on them. These bags are available in the form of handbags as well as shoulder bags. You can get these bags in a variety of colors, even in the metallic and matt colors. When you visit the lady’s market in Po Hing Fong, you’d see these designs all over the place.    

Old-Classics with a Modernized Touch   

One interesting fashion trend is the fashion designers attempt at recreating the old designs with a modernized feel to them. They are taking up the old-time classics and playing with them to create new designs that look as per the modern trends and still has the nostalgic feel to them. Emma Wallace Boutique is standing at the top with their trending recreated classic designs that are becoming a famous trend here in Hong Kong.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the most prominent trends that you’d see on the streets of Po Hing Fong. So, set up your budget and get ready to blend in with the beautiful city of Hong Kong. These fashion trends would make you look up to date with the latest fashion choices as you walk around the streets of Hong Kong.      

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