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6 unique ways to make money online

by Soft2share.com

The world is switching to a gig economy and that bodes well for internet users. Whether you want to earn extra income or seek a full-time career, the digital space has got you covered. What’s more, you do not necessarily have to learn a new skill. Even simple, relatively menial tasks can help you earn well.

Here are a few simple but unique ways to make money online:

Work as an Assistant

Virtual assistants are one of the most wanted resources in various companies. If you have good communication skills and can use technology (basic) with ease, this is the right job for you. Every other business or self-proprietor is looking for a virtual assistant (VA) these days. That is because hiring a VA reduces the operating cost by 78 percent.       

You do not have to work full-time even. 41 percent of the VAs work part-time and earn sufficient income, as 87.7 percent of them are paid on an hourly basis. Another job in the assistantship niche is customer service assistant. This field has become quite popular. According to Facebook, 35 percent of Americans contract a business to know about their product/service.


The dropshipping market is projected to grow by 28.8 percent annually and hit the mark of $557.9 billion by 2025. The success stories of various drop shippers show that one can make $6,667 in a mere period of eight weeks. In fact, the store owners are earning a six-figure income by transacting in just one product.

You do not have to attain specific skills for this job. All you need is access to products (connection with a wholesaler/supplier) to be able to sell products. Many websites are investing in auto dropshipping software, that shows you the health of your business with key metrics like sales, profits, expenses, top sellers, and more. If you are still not sure how to do it, take up an online course first.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money, as it does not require any significant investment. You do not need to acquire your own goods/services to sell them. You can promote others’ products/services and earn commissions on the go.

You can achieve that by utilizing your blog, website, or even social media accounts. Just link your posts to the company’s products and get a commission on the sale. That will be possible only if you have a large audience for your posts. Create content that is relevant to a certain dynamic (potential customers for the company’s product) and engaging as well.

Take Paid Surveys

You can earn a few extra bucks by just taking online surveys. Many research firms have online survey sites that take your insights on certain topics and pay for your input. However, this way can just bring you a few dollars every month. But you have to provide a lot of personal information to take the survey. Moreover, you might not be eligible to fill some surveys, as you would not fall under the required demographics.

Make a YouTube Channel

You must be a consumer/an audience on YouTube up till now. The time has come for you to switch to the other side of the spectrum. The good thing about this earning medium is that there is no age specification or skills limitation. You just have to share good content and know-how to spread it (read garner viewers). A huge example of this notion is a seven-year-old becoming the highest-paid YouTuber. He has achieved this status by reviewing his toys on the video-streaming platform. The key is to generate unique, interesting content and be relevant to the prevailing dynamics. Your material should either educate people or entertain them. If you cannot pick a niche or do not consider anything to be your expertise, just start reviewing products of your choice. You can monetize your channel after attaining 1000 subscribers for your channel.

Publish E-Books

Just like many other things, the internet has claimed the conventional publishing space. Now the readers have switched to the digital arena for reading books as well. In the US, e-books constitute 20 percent of the total book sales. And their share in the market is growing rapidly.

Publishing an e-book is quite easy, as it does not involve knocking at the doors of various publishers to get the manuscript approved. You just have to write a striking piece and publish it. You can also send other people’s work through your website and earn commissions.

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