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6 Ways to Farm for Resources in Video Games

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When it comes to gaming, items, currency, and skill points are essential to finish the plot and gain trophies. Of course, these items don’t always come with your character by default, so it is necessary to obtain them through different means. 

Beginner gamers still learning the ropes may take note of these six farming methods used in many video games.

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Take on Quests

Most role-playing and open-world adventure games host various quests that help players to progress in the game’s plot. Besides completing the chapters, quests also offer tons of prizes and treasures that reward players for finishing tasks and helping non-playable characters (NPCs) with their storyline. Awards may range from a bag of currencies, keys, weapons, armor, costumes, healing materials, upgrade materials, and new playable characters. Taking on quests may even unlock secret plot lines, locations, and bosses all over the game’s world.

Taking on quests may be tedious as some may require completing various mini-games and challenges that might not be appealing for some players. However, accepting inquiries is an excellent way to advance your character’s skills and weaponry and get the currency needed to transact in the game. Players might even score limited-edition goods and characters via quests.

Explore Hidden Chests

Expansive game maps similar to Diablo III, Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends, Destiny 2, and Dark Souls teem with chests and loot bags located in secret and sometimes hard-to-reach places. This tactic contributes to the replayability and challenge of certain games. Imagine if you could find an invisible treasure chest in modern developments such as Phirst Park Homes and get all the goods for yourself? At least, in-game, you can do so by exploring hidden chests.

After finishing your major quests, you might want to take a break from fighting trash mobs and bosses by “taking a stroll” around your game’s map. Exploring the outskirts and lesser-known locations may bring you to concealed areas bursting with treasure chests and loot! Take time to find all secret hidden treasures all over the game’s world, and you might find the perfect weapon and currencies needed to bring your character to better heights. 

Be careful in opening those treasure boxes as some are actually monsters disguised as chests, waiting to devour you or take away a portion of the treasure you’ve previously farmed.

Loot Enemies

Besides treasure chests and quest rewards, defeating enemies may drop you good items. Most of the time, enemies drop a few coins, and during rare occurrences, they might even drop unique weapons and upgrading materials. Some unique enemies even drop key items needed to unlock shortcuts and other parts of the map. Bosses also drop rare items that you can only get after killing them.

Fighting and killing enemies usually give you Experience Points (EXP). But there are times when they drop one-in-a-million items. Take a look at the fallen enemies and check whether they have loot with them. You might want to equip yourself with costume pieces, jewelry, and other items that may increase the probability of enemies dropping more valuable items. 

Grind to the Top

If you need to practice a new weapon or skill set, or adapt to your game’s difficulty, it is best to go grinding. In video games, grinding means doing repetitive tasks to farm for loot and advance skills. For some games with punishing penalties, such as Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Code Vein, grinding is one way for players to adapt to their challenging gameplay, get familiar with the environment, and learn where enemies hide and how they attack. In other words, grinding is an excellent way to earn Experience Points while also obtaining all sorts of treasures.

Grinding may require a lot of patience as you will need to “rinse and repeat” many tactics to farm money or resources. For example, in Monster Hunter World, completing armor sets and building weapons may require hunters to hunt the same monster more than twice to get the necessary materials. Some gaming experts consider it a “lazy” and “boring” tactic to progress in a game. Nonetheless, grinding is a foolproof way to progress your stats, stock up on items, and increase wealth.

Assist Friends in Their Gameplay

Similar to completing quests, you may assist your friends in completing tasks or helping them in hunts or boss fights. The best part is cross-play features make it possible for players of the same game but different platforms to interact and meet each other in virtual worlds.

Assisting your friends in their gameplay also lets you test your skills and how well you can fight in a team. Not only will you aid your friends in progressing against hurdles in their quests and storylines, but you will also be rewarded with treasure, EXP, and unique rewards. You can use the loot to craft new and rare weapons and armor or advance your skill tree to be a better gamer.

Participate in Events

Limited-time events are excellent avenues to meet other players, practice your skills, and, of course, take home limited-edition costumes, treasure, rewards, and playable characters. Some events are scheduled for a month, giving players ample time to grind and farm for the resources they need. These events are also arenas where players can battle each other and see who is stronger. Players may also increase their rank through these arena events.

Some limited-time events also offer rare playable characters that players can add to their party or roster. Your gaming experience might be more fun and easier if you have stronger characters to dispatch on harder quest lines and boss fights.

Overall, farming for resources in your favorite video games might be exhausting and boring as you will take hours to obtain items and currency to progress. Still, doing so lets you explore hole-in-the-wall locations, unlock different skills, get unique armor and costume sets, stock on essentials, and increase your wealth. You also improve your gameplay and assess your enemies’ moves and attack patterns. Take time to evaluate which of these six farming methods work for your game and reach your goals as a better and more efficient gamer.

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