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7 Best Lipsmacking Cakes To Surprise Your Girlfriend

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Cakes are portable magic as they bring an instant smile to the receiver’s face. The celebration is incomplete without cake. It is also a good mood changer that can change anyone’s mood quickly. The cake is often used by people to surprise their loved ones on their birthdays, anniversary, and any other occasion.

Girlfriends or better half is a very important part of your life, and you must make them feel the warmth of your love. Generally, boys always search for the best ideas to surprise their girlfriends, but they do not find any results. To help them, we have made a list of mouthwatering cakes that can surprise your girlfriend.

Your Hunt For The Best Yummy Cakes For Your Girlfriend Ends Here

[1] Kitkat Cakes

Chocolate is the first love of the girls, and giving her a KitKat cake might surprise her. The spongy part of this cake is dipped in Choco liquid, and it is topped with KitKat chocolate which makes this cake delicious.

If you want to send your girlfriend a cake then, you can explore different types of KitKat cakes such as KitKat truffle cake, KitKat gems cake, etc. If your girlfriend lives in Kolkata then, You can send these cakes to her through online cake delivery in Kolkata at midnight which may surprise her.

[2] Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is the best cake that you can give to your girlfriend; if she is conscious about her health. This type of fruit cake is made up using vanilla, pineapple, blueberry, and other flavors. The entire cake is filled with nuts, cherries, and a lot of different dry fruits that are enough to give the cake a mouth-watering taste. Fruit cake is specially made for health-conscious people, and it does not frost with cream. This is the best option for you to give your girlfriend a surprise on her birthday.

[3] Red Velvet Cake

If you want to confess your love in front of your girlfriend or you want to surprise her on a special occasion (birthday), then you can order a Red velvet cake for her. This cake is specially designed for lovers to make their better half feel special. There is a wide range of red velvet cakes, such as Creamy red velvet swirl cake, Red velvet anniversary jar cake, Chocó lately red velvet cake, etc. This is generally prepared in red color using strawberries sauces and liquid.

[4] Fruity Velvet Cake

Fruity velvet cake is the best cake to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday. The bottom part of this cake is dipped in strawberry flavors, and the frosting is also done using the strawberry flavor cream. Further, it is topped with fruits like strawberries, berries, cherries, kiwis, and mangoes. You can also customize the cake according to your girlfriend taste.

[5] Coffee Cake

You have heard about coffee flavor chocolates and candies, but nowadays, as the cake industry is flourishing, cake designers have designed the cake using coffee flavors which is very unique and mouth-watering. If you give it to your girlfriend, then it may be a surprising gift for your partner. The cake is topped with dark chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, and it is frosted with chocolate cream.

[6] Mango Cake

If you are in the mood to give a surprise to your girlfriend, then you can order a mango cake for her. This cake is specially designed using mango juice and jams. The cake-making procedure is the same as making other cakes; only the topping and frosting are done using mango jams, sauces, and cherries which gives the sweet taste of mango.

[7] Photo Cake

If you are planning to order a cake that brings an instant smile to your girlfriend’s face, then buying a photo cake for her will be a perfect choice. In this cake, the photo of the receivers is imprinted using special edible paper made from rice, potatoes, and cornstarch, and the ink used to imprint the photo is made from a food color, so it is 100% edible. To order this photo cake, you will have to upload the photo which you want to get imprinted on the cake on a cake delivery website like Flower Aura. This photo cake comes in many different flavors that make the same the highly demanding lipsmacking cakes among cake lovers.

To Wrap Up

Apart from the above cake ideas, you can also order Black Forest, Piñata, and Pull Me Up A Cake that can surprise your girlfriend. You can use trusted cake-delivering platforms such as Floweraura so that she can enjoy the midnight delivery policy of the said firm. Surprising your girlfriend helps you to come closer to your partner and tightens your love bond.

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