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7 Dos and Don’ts When Working from Home

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Working from home is becoming very common with the rise of freelance and remote job opportunities. If you have spent most of your working days in an office, this can be a welcome change, or maybe you have always worked from home. Working from home is appealing to many people. Even though it has benefits, there are also ways how this type of work can become challenging. If your home is your office or you have to work remotely this day for some reason, there are tips and tricks to implement to be as productive as possible. Read on to see our 7 dos and don’ts when working from home.

Do All The Things From Your Routine

If you are transitioning from office to remote work, it can be difficult to start your day without your normal morning routine. Your routine is probably what makes you awake and prepared to start your workday, so try to do all the things you normally would do. It can be very unproductive to just roll out of your bed to the computer or work in your pyjamas. Set your clock normally as you would for work, make a coffee, maybe have some breakfast and do a quick workout to wake up your body and brain. Do all the things necessary to make your day as usual as possible, or maybe switch things up. This can be a great time to make a new routine or do something you didn’t have time for because of the morning commute.

Make a To-Do List

Many people are procrastinators, and if we are staying at home it might feel like a „day off“ but it’s not, and you don’t get anything done. To avoid this, make a to-do list with all the tasks you need to accomplish this day. You probably have some type of schedule or to-do list at your office, so use one at your home too. Writing down tasks can prepare you mentally for work and minimize any type of distractions. Don’t fill your list with too many tasks. It might overwhelm you and can be counterproductive. Start your list with three main tasks and a couple of smaller tasks and go from there. If you see you can do more, add to the list.

Keep to a Schedule and Hours

Like your morning routine before work, you probably have a workday routine. To make the most out of your remote job, create a routine that you will follow each day. It sets a clear structure for your day. If you don’t have a schedule, you will probably put off your work until the last minute. Write down or print out a schedule that you can look at any time to keep you accounted for. If you are used to having a manager do this for you, this can be a good replacement. On the other hand, many remote workers spend too many hours working. Making a schedule can keep you from working too many or too little hours.

Stay in Touch

Even though you are working from home, that doesn’t mean you are working completely alone. You probably have to keep in touch with your boss, manager or your client. There are many apps and tools that can help you in your working process, like project management, video calls, and collaborations. It’s important to keep in touch so you don’t feel isolated and to help you be more focused. Working from home can sometimes feel like you are not actually doing anything, or that your work is less important. That is not the case. Working from home is equally important, and keeping in touch with your co-workers and other people connected to your job can help you feel grounded and valuable.

Create Boundaries

Working from home can sometimes feel like a vacation, and it can be difficult to create boundaries, both physical and personal. You need to create a space just for your work where you can easily focus and get in the working mode. If possible, create a separate workspace, or even a whole room dedicated to your job. If you are running low on free space, try to have a small desk where you can work. If your kitchen table is the same as your work table, try to add things that will help you be focused like calendars or to-do lists. Keep your house and your desk tidy so you don’t have any unnecessary distractions.

Have a Work-Life Balance

Remote workers very often stretch their working hours way more than they should, many of the working a lot more than 40 hours a week. This can create an unbalanced life, as you often prioritize your work from your social and personal life. Creating a schedule can help you in a good work-life balance, so you have the best of both worlds. Working from home can sometimes be uninspiring, so try to implement a few pick-me-ups and perks to brighten your day. Have some nice decorations and bright colours around you to spark creativity and boost your mood. Flowers are great for boosting your productivity, so you can try the same day flower delivery in Melbourne if you live in this area. Make your day a bit brighter with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Don’t Procrastinate or do Personal Work

Being at home can be very tempting to do other things like house chores, watching tv or using your phone all the time. Don’t use your phone for personal calls or social media, just like you wouldn’t at the office. It can be very distracting, and you won’t get your job done on time. Try to work in a separate place from your family so you won’t get distracted. On the other hand, don’t overwork yourself and have at least one break to eat something and do some stretches.

Working from home can be amazing, as you have all the comfort you want but still get the job done. Your biggest enemy can be distractions or procrastination. Create schedules to maximize your workflow. Have a separate space for working if possible, and remember to have breaks and not overwork yourself.

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