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7 Easy Ways to Make Money with a Website

by Soft2share.com

Have you started a website and are wondering how to make money with it?

The good news is, there are multiple ways to make passive income with a website. It’s always a good idea to set up multiple income streams, so you always have money flowing in.

Having a blog is a piece of digital real estate. And once you build up its authority, it will be easy to monetize it.

Today we’re going to discuss seven ways to make money from your website. Implement two or three in the beginning and when you get results, you can add others.

Easy Ways to Make Money with a Website

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between you and a product vendor. You drive traffic to their sales page by promoting a custom affiliate link which is given to you.

You can add this in blog posts, banners on your website and in social media campaigns.

When people click your link and purchase the product, you get a cut of the sale. The amount of commission you get is set by the vendor and can range between and few percent, right up to 100% of the sale.

2. Sell Digital Products

Many bloggers make passive income selling their own E-books, video courses or digital downloads like planner bundles.

E-books don’t have to take you months to write and be 100s of pages long. Many successful E-books I’ve seen were 50-60 pages long. Sell 5 of those a day at $20 and that’s an extra $100 daily!

If you create a video course, you can sell it on your blog and upload it to educational platforms free like Udemy or Skillshare to get more exposure and sales.

Survey your audience to see what they’d like to learn. Or re-purpose your old content like; videos into an E-book or vice versa.

3. Email Marketing

Make money through email marketing with email promotions and free reports which you can monetize with affiliate links.

Spend some time building up your list by creating a free, helpful and easy to consume lead magnet. Ask for an email in exchange for the freebie. Some examples are; a PDF guide, video tutorial, cheat sheet, bundle of niche planners or ‘done for you’ swipe file.

Make sure your lead magnet is valuable and solves a problem for the reader.

Another idea is to add an email popup to your website. These can be triggered when someone reaches your website, when they take a certain action or as they’re leaving.

An email list is a valuable asset and will make you money for years to come.

4. Write Product Reviews

Many bloggers do product reviews and make money through the products affiliate program.

Reviews work in any niche including; travel, tech, food, cars, software, courses and many more. As your blog grows, companies may even send you products to review free.

Remember to be honest in your review and don’t just say it’s good, even if it isn’t. Be picky about what you review, otherwise you’ll get a reputation for promoting rubbish.

5. Sell Advertising Space

Many bloggers and website owners sell advertising space to make extra money. A place where many people start is with Google AdSense. They don’t pay very high but they except most websites regardless of how much traffic you have.

When your traffic builds, you can move onto higher paying ad companies like MediaVine. While these guys pay well, you are required to have 60,000+ page views per month to be accepted.

Another option is to find and work with advertisers yourself. This gives you more control of payment and what ads will be shown on your site.

6. Sell Your Skills

Do you have any niche skills which could help others get what they want? This may actually be why you built the website in the first place – to get more clients.

Create a services page on your website and tell people what you can do for them.

Coaching, copywriting, graphic design, website building, SEO services, social media management and logo design are common online services to sell for extra money.

7. Create a Membership Section

Once you build up the authority of your website, creating a membership section is a great way to make extra money.

People who are coming to your website love your content. Now you can offer them better content for a monthly fee.

A membership section is like a walled section on your site that only exclusive members can see. Obviously, you have to make this content stand out, for people to keep paying each month.

Another idea is to do what the content platform Medium does. They allow you to read an amount of articles per month, then ask you to pay to continue reading.


As you can see, there are many ways to make money online from your website. Focus on writing quality content and driving traffic to your website to see your income grow. For more ways to make passive income and to learn about new online opportunities visit Remote Work Rebels.

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