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7 Health Benefits of Using a Planner

by Soft2share.com

We all know that using a planner is fun, but did you also know a planner can help you stay healthy? If you’re thinking of planning out stuff, or just want more reasons to love the one you already have, check out these 7 Health Benefits of Using a Planner!

Remember, health doesn’t just mean physical health. For real well-being, you need good mental health, too! Luckily the health benefits of using a planner apply to both kinds of health.

1. Less Stress

This is number one on the list because it’s the health benefit most people notice right away when they start planning. There’s just something freeing about planning everything out. Using a planner takes the weight off your shoulders about remembering everything. It can also help stop OCD list repetition in your mind because instead of repeating things over and over to keep from forgetting them, you can just double-check your planner!

2. Healthier Eating

One of the best health benefits of using a planner is a better diet! If you include meal planning or a food log in your planner, you’ll be able to track what you eat and make attempts to eat better.

3. More Relaxation

Stress kills. Maybe not directly, but it does lead to aches, pains, and increase your risk of disease. But if you have a planner, not only are you less stressed because your days are organized, but you can also plan out relaxation time! 30 minutes of “me time” a day can help you decompress and lower your stress levels.

4. More Exercise

You can plan out anything in your planner, including exercise goals! If you’re used to saying “I wish I could exercise, but I can’t ever find the time” a planner might be what you need to help you find that crucial time to work on staying healthy.

5. Better Managed Health

Having a planner can also help you manage your health better. For example, you can use planner stickers to keep from forgetting to take your vitamins or to track symptoms. You can even get medical reminder stickers, so you don’t forget any important doctor’s appointments!

6. Increased Happiness

Planning makes people happier. Some people love the creativity that comes with customizing their planner. Others find working on their planner to be a relaxing hobby. And other people just enjoy having their days organized and structured and feel a self of accomplishment at filling out and checking off their tasks. Sometimes it’s the little things in life like working on a planner that can help boost your mood on not-so-great days.

7. More Energy

Many people who plan to feel like they have more energy to tackle their days. This could be due to less stress, or it could be because their planners help them stay on task and avoid energy wasters. It’s hard to get lost on social media for a few hours if you have a pretty planner open next to you reminding you of more important things you want to be doing! You can also use a planner to help you create energy building habits, like eating right, exercising, and going to bed on time!

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