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7 Must Know Things For A Beginner Machine Embroiderer

by Soft2share.com

When you’re starting embroidery what do you have to buy what do you need it can be overwhelming. My idea is start with the basics and then build your stash.

Here are 8 things that you need to get started 

  1. water soluble stabilizer 

Now this can come in a few different ways it’s the plastic II type you can get the fabric type either way. It is super handy to have four in the hoop designs or freestanding lace.

  1. Tearaway

Tearaway stabilizer does exactly what it says you tear it away and it is a great stabilizer for in the hoop projects and stitching on towels. just so you know coffee filters not stabilizer regular paper not stabilizer don’t use them on your machine.

  1. Cutaway stabilizer

this is the one you’re  probably going to use the most. And it is what it says you have to cut it away. It will give you the most stability and hold your stitches the best and you use it on shirts and on hoodies and different things. 


Of course there are a lot of different cutaway stabilizers but just starting out I would get something plain 


it doesn’t really matter the weight of it at this point you can get different weights and medium cutaway stabilizer, get what’s in front of you. Just have a cutaway stabilizer to use and it makes a big difference so later on you can get the the mesh you can get different things like that. 

But starting out just have a cutaway stabilizer you you’ll be able to build your stash later and get all the different kinds but just right for the eginning just cut away if you’re doing onesies if you’re doing you know hoodies and everything 

Now this is the difference between cutaway and tear away. Stitches are perfect after washing, it gives  the stitches the right stability to make your designs look amazing.

4. Bobbins 

you can either purchase bobbins or you can wind your own. These are purchased ones that go in McDreamy so the dream machine too and I just find it handy because I do a lot of stitching and you could also wind your own, this is handy too. If you keep them in the lid of mcdreamy’s toolbox and you can put different colors in and whatever you need. 


Keep in mind that there’s different sizes so make sure you know the size that you need for your machine and get the right ones. 

5. Needles 

you might want to have a couple of extra needles. Now again there’s different sizes and different makes and 1175 should hold you for most things.  but a 9014 is a bit bigger. Just make sure that they are embroidery needles. 

6. scissors 

Yes you need some scissors. you need a couple kinds of scissors so big fabric scissors you need some appliqué scissors.  These ones are from gun old and they’re fantastic and maybe little cutting trimming scissors for those little jump stitches that you have going on so the applicators are different. They are usually a bit longer and they usually have a curve on them and getting nice scissors makes all the difference. 

7. Felt 

Go to the dollar store go to Michael’s go to different stores like that even Walmart. And get some cheap felt to practice on you will need to practice.  Stitching and stabilizing and felt is really nice because it’s nice and thick and mostly very stable. Felt is also key ingredient of custom patches. So you’ll be able to get the hang of everything you can also get maybe some felt quarters or charm squares and for coordination. It makes it a lot easier look at all the beautiful colors in there 

Final Word

So these are some basic must have things every beginner embroiderer should know before he could kick off. They might be little different to a perspective but most of the time these 8 figures are something very helpful in beginning.

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