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7 Proven Ways To Give Your Website’s UX Design The Much-Needed Facelift With Video Content

by Soft2share.com

Video content can enhance the UX of your website by delivering customized and accurate solutions in an interactive way to visitors to delight them. Learn how user-driven videos can make a big difference for your brand.

Have you ever wondered why one brand enjoys a leading edge over similar brands in the same niche? This is because the brand’s digital marketing team focuses on enhancing and customizing the user experience (UX) of prospective customers to build trust and improve credibility.

One of the touchpoints through which you can influence the UX of prospects is your brand’s website.

Why Are Videos so Effective in Enhancing the UX Design of Your Website?

Your website is the first interface through which qualified leads come to interact with your brand. Their conversion depends on how well you craft the site’s UX to excite them about their future association with your brand.

In this context, videos play a pivotal role as they can infuse great dynamism in even drab content that can electrify the senses of viewers and gravitate them toward your brand.  

The section below offers rich insights into why videos are so important in crafting the UX of your website.

Creates an Atmospheric Feel for Connecting Visitors with The Site’s Theme

The soul of your website needs to be revealed to visitors in a compelling manner. Why? This will enable you to evoke positive emotions in them, strengthening their intent to opt for your offerings.

Accomplishing such a UX quotient becomes easier with atmospheric video sitting in your website’s background. When your message is conveyed in a visually appealing manner, conversions happen naturally.

For example, if you are leasing out office space, you can enhance the site’s UX with a video of a posh area featuring impressive office buildings. This will intuitively ignite the passion for such spaces in site visitors.

Helps Build Your Brand Persona with Evocative Emotional Touches

A strong brand persona is important for motivating site visitors to interact with your company more exploratively. Videos give your website its unique character that resonates with specific emotions of visitors and effectively communicates to them your motives.

Video engages your visitors with audio-visual stimulations that appeal to leads at a subliminal level. For example, if you are selling exotic shoes, you can create videos on how the shoes help make a bold statement of one’s attitude and style. This can be done easily using a free video editor tool. This will make visitors vicariously enjoy the experience and react strongly to your call to action (CTA).

You may carry out A/B testing to arrive at the videos that excel in offering the most immersive experience to visitors and use the same for benchmarking future creations.

Empowers Site Visitors to Gain Comprehensive Clarity with Engaging Storytelling

Optimum user experience is hinged on how well site visitors can comprehend the essence of your offerings in a visually relatable manner. You can bring this about with hypnotic storytelling that sends visitors into the realm of visualization and convinces them about the superiority of your services.

Video helps redefine the user experience design process with its ability to portray the wildest of imaginations and the most bizarre of situations in a spellbindingly realistic manner with multimedia, animations, narration, and illustrations.

Visual storytelling lets you walk the visitor through your product or service’s features with a clear focus on making different perspectives comprehensible and relatable.

Hotspots can be placed within the information architecture of a UX video. These empower the visitor to explore offerings at a granular level and get more clarity on the product/ service.

For example, if you are in the business of making safety shoes, your site video can visually focus on drawbacks that similar market products suffer from, the technological innovation that makes your product better, and how workmen benefit from enhanced safety and comfort levels by using your product.

This type of video narrating stories with compelling visuals adds value to the user experience.

Offers Absolute Control Over how Site Visitors Want to Browse Content

User experience can be adequately heightened by delegating the control of site content navigation into the hands of your web page visitors. You make this happen by the integration of control tools that visitors can leverage to make their navigating experience more immersive.

This essentially implies that videos are not made to play automatically immediately after loading, triggers are embedded inside specific timelines into which every video is segmented, and audio control is present.

You can get more creative with the controls by analyzing the outcomes of video prototype testing.

Adds Believability to Customer Testimonials with Real-World Examples

It is the basic instinct of a prospect to believe in the reviews and feedback of past customers who have used your product/service. A simple commentary-type assertion by the customer may not be impactful from the perspective of driving conversions.

You can leverage the testimonial videos on your website with real-world and/or real-time insights into how customers are actually using your brand offerings to mitigate the problems confronted by them earlier.

With perky animations and illustrative cues, the review will leave a deep impression on the psyches of site visitors. This will inspire them to make a decision in your brand’s favor.

You can perfect the content of such sales-driving videos with the outputs of rigorous user testing to determine what is working and what is not.

Takes Website Interactivity to The Next Level

Videos are appropriate for making your website more interactive. How? You can create thematic videos to cater to the various requirements of visitors based on their position in the marketing strategy.

For example, if the prospect sits atop the funnel, s/he may want to develop familiarity with your brand. In this context, company culture or an introduction video can work wonders.

You can capitalize on the potential of different video types to tailor the user experience for site visitors of different hues and colors based on their preferences. An interactive site map with links to variegated videos outlined below can significantly boost the UX quotient of your website.

  • About Us Video: Introduces your brand while welcoming visitors
  • Product Demo Video: Allows visitors to visualize any product from various angles
  • Tutorial Video: Offers clear visual instructions on the proper way of using a product/ service
  • Explainer Video: Explains the purpose, benefits, specifications, etc., of an offering
  • Live-action Video: Allows vistas to live usage of your product/ service
  • Company Culture Video: Provides insights into your company environment
  • Customer Testimonial Video: Offers reviews and feedback from authentic customers
  • Screencast Video: Showcases the correct step-by-step screen recorded usage of a software
  • Livestream Video: Allows visitors to connect with you directly to have their queries sorted
  • Fun Video: Entertains visitors while depicting the light side of your brand

You can deploy other video types equipped with strategic user controls to enhance interactivity. This complements the website findability of organic traffic optimally as visitors feel intuitively compelled to spend more time on your site.

Works Great With Mobile Devices

You can easily tweak the resolution, frames per second, and other elements of videos to make them responsive to handheld devices. Mobile testing of videos prior to deployment can convince you if they have been seamlessly adapted for viewing on smaller screens.

Since the video content is not distorted or blown out of proportion on mobile devices, your site’s UX gets a definitive boost.


Videos have a paramount role to play in redefining the UX of your website. While using videos, keep an eye on the fact that they are not compromising the loading time of your website in any way. Your site’s conversion rate, sales, and profitability are bound to leapfrog with cool and captivating videos that give wings to the user experience of site visitors.


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