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7 Reasons Of Slow Internet & Solutions To Fix Them

by Soft2share.com

If your video is lagging, downloads and uploads are taking too much time, don’t bang your head. Try the quick fixes given in this post and put your digital life back in the fast lane. Let’s read!

Your WiFi Connection Is Iffy

Make sure that your PC or laptop is connected via an Ethernet connection for performance reasons—especially if you feel that you aren’t aware of what you are doing. Choosing a wired connection for a secure internet connection would be the best idea because wired is a closed (secured) system where a WiFi connection can be controlled and very easy to be cracked.

Interference in your WiFi can be a cause of the issue. To fix that, make sure to secure your internet connection with a strong password and try using a wired connection instead of WiFi.

Your WiFi Router Is Hidden

Make sure that your home networking router isn’t hidden back or inside anything. If it is then you won’t be able to get uninterrupted WiFi signals for streaming videos, downloading, or online shopping. So, in order to get faster WiFi, you need to place your router openly.

Your Router’s Firmware Is Outdated

The manufacturer of your router regularly releases the latest firmware updates in order to improve the product’s performance, add new features, and enhance overall security. To fix the slow internet issue, make sure that your device running the latest firmware version.

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You Need A WiFi Range Extender

A wireless range extender detects the existing WiFi signals coming out from your main router and expands it throughout your home or workplace. And if you want us to help you – we would suggest going with Linksys RE6300 extender. This smart device comes equipped with exclusive Spot Finder Technology, which helps in finding the optimal placement for your extender using any mobile device, wireless laptop or computer.

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You Are On A Crowded Channel

The slow and sluggish WiFi problem can be due to the overloaded channel that your WiFi is on. Similar to radio, different wireless signals connect to different channels. You can also use a tool like Network Analyzer Lite (for iOS or Apple device) or WiFi Analyzer (for Android) to see if your WiFi channel is overloaded or not and/or choose a new one manually.

Time For a Reset

If the above-mentioned solutions don’t resolve the issue of slow internet, or your extender Linksys isn’t performing well even after successful setup, then its time to reset everything, including your modem, router, extender, and connected devices.

Other Devices Are Causing Interference

There might be devices in your home or office that can interfere in the path of your router’s or extender’s WiFi signals. Electronic devices that are emitting radio frequency (radio, TV, monitors, etc.) might cause a slow WiFi issue. To fix this, consider your smart WiFi devices away from interference-creating obstructions to check whether they are the actual cause of the issue or not.

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