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7 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid When Optimizing Your Instagram Account

by Soft2share.com

Undoubtedly you need to put a lot of effort to make your website reach the peak position of search engine results. But, only a few marketers and entrepreneurs are aware of some optimization techniques that are useful beyond Bing, Yahoo, Google, or other search engines.

Along with the website, you can apply SEO for your social media platforms. This can help you to enhance sales, promote an account, boost engagement rate and Gain New Instagram followers. As Instagram works like a tiny search engine, optimizing an Instagram account with SEO is very easy and useful.

The well-optimized pages receive a higher rank on Instagram. This improves the trust factor along with a higher engagement rate. Aside from attracting more active followers, this helps the profile to reach a higher ranking.

Though optimizing an Instagram account through SEO isn’t a hard task, but many business owners and marketers unknowingly make some common SEO mistakes. In this article, we will discuss 7 SEO mistakes in detail and some information to avoid them when optimizing your Instagram account.

Lack of Cohesiveness of Your Instagram Page

Creating a cohesive Instagram feed is very important. You should upload posts that are logical and relevant with the timing, hashtags, captions, and most importantly, concept.

However, it’s not possible to achieve consistency overnight. You need to use your creative mind to develop relevant captions, layout style, and hashtags. You should also focus on the frequency of your posting. You can use different tools to plan for your content.

If you want to fulfill your business goal, then try to maintain a good uploading frequency and publish as often as possible. Instagram doesn’t have any particular uploading time, but you can find your perfect uploading timing by testing different approaches.

You’re Less Experienced In Terms of Using Hashtags

Another mistake most business owners or entrepreneurs make is that they neglect the importance of hashtags to optimize Instagram profiles. In reality, they often pick irrelevant hashtags or don’t use hashtags at all. 

When you use irrelevant hashtags, it won’t match your business or any specific post. Don’t forget that hashtags are the primary key to attract massive impressions from Instagram users. Hence, if you notice a small number of impressions on your Instagram post, then assume that you’re using irrelevant hashtags. 

If you want to use hashtags to optimize your Instagram profile, then try to conduct some research first. However, don’t make mistakes by avoiding hashtags completely. This is far more extreme than using the wrong hashtags. Try to use branded or trending hashtags to boost the optimization of your Instagram profile.

Your Location Tags Remain Unchanged

According to Social Insider, location tags are important as they inform your followers about your current location. This mistake is applicable for the brands that offer worldwide delivery and shipping and manage their business through an online portal. If you have any physical store or your brand works in a specific area, then you don’t have to change your location tags frequently because it can attract irrelevant and unwanted audiences. However, if you use some creative location tags, then it will attract people’s attention.

If your business runs online or doesn’t work within a specific area, then you must focus on changing your location tags more often. This way you’ll attract customers from different countries or cities.

You Don’t Use Alt Text

Alt Text is another Instagram feature that can be served for SEO purposes. Instagram introduced this feature for visually impaired people so that they can enjoy the content from Instagram. But, business owners now use this feature to optimize their profile.

Before uploading an image, click on the “Advanced Settings” to add alt text. Press that option and scroll down, where you will find an option named ‘Write Alt Text’. Click on the button and develop a description relevant to your image.

However, remember to optimize your Instagram photos. You always need to publish high-quality and sharp content so that Instagram can depict your image. 

Your Username Is Mediocre

The username on the Instagram platform plays a crucial role and it must be distinctive, short, and readable. You must set a username that implies the image of your account. Additionally, resist adding any irrelevant symbols. Always try to write your username in a language that is familiar to your target audience. 

Username is very important for Instagram SEO. Hence, try to come up with a good username that is easily searchable.

You Forget to Include Keywords in Captions

You should also add keywords in your captions. But again don’t overwhelm your posts with a lot of keywords. You can use random and relevant keywords.

For instance, if you’re uploading images that contain gaming components, then you should add keywords that are appropriate to games. If you’re not receiving enough likes even after uploading images with relevant keywords, then buy IG likes.

You Neglect Adding Keywords in Your Bio

Another additional but necessary Instagram SEO strategy is keywords. Your Instagram bio is the perfect place to add both primary and secondary keywords. However, you should not add too many keywords as it will overwhelm the entire section. Thus, keep them readable.

Your followers and potential clients will use your bio to find your profile on Instagram. If you can make proper optimization, then undoubtedly your page will be visible on the top of the search results.


These are the SEO mistakes most entrepreneurs make while optimizing their Instagram account. Remember that it takes time to master Instagram SEO. So, you just need to avoid these mistakes and use your SEO experience to boost social media marketing. 

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