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7 Things to look when choosing a Web Design Agency in Turkey

by Soft2share.com

Turkey is a county rich with cultures of multiple regions. It has been a center of the Islamic empire that’s why the designs, art, and literature are predominantly Islamic in nature. Whereas, the country has gone through numerous traditional influences from its neighboring regions.

The design may reflect the art of Asia, Europe, and Africa. The trends and common perception affects the web designing of Turkey as well. In order to establish an online presence of your business or starting an eCommerce venture in Turkey, you must have to keep the basic design factors and consumer expectations in mind.

Following, in this post, I am sharing some of the considerations that may help you hire a competent web design agency, whereas this one https://www.go-globe.com/turkey.php is also a reliable option to save your time in research and shortlist. Go straight on evaluating them on the following factors.

1. Review their Turkish portfolio

It is a common practice that we ask for a portfolio before hiring any services company. Therefore, almost, every web design agency maintains a portfolio. Whereas, the significant part is to review their work in the locality where you aim to do business.

Review the past work carefully, and take a close look at the designs they have produced for clients of Turkey. Ask for the links to view the live websites they have served and try different features to evaluate the work they delivered.

2. Check if they value your ideas or not

You may be impressed by the creativity of a web design agency. This shall never be the reason for hiring an agency. You need to check if they listen to your ideas or not. Find either they like to hear and discuss ideas or want to design without taking your needs into consideration.

3. Evaluate their ideas bank

While communicating your ideas, you can ask the agency for possible ideas that may suffice your needs and transcends your ideas. If you are a bit lenient on your requirements, you can let them free to come up with something out of the box, and then select the most attractive one. Check their ideas bank and you will come to know the value they can add to your online business.

4. Ask design trends in Turkey

The web design trends in Turkey may differ from the global ones. Every country has its traditional values that are somehow inspired by the modern and western cultures. Turkey is a bit different than the rest of the countries. It has an amalgamation of Asian, African, and European cultures.

The design that you may be working on may come through a number of local as well as global crafts. Therefore, if you decide to adopt a trend that is popular in the US may not be a viable solution for your business that aims to reach out to the locals of Turkey. Ask the web design agency about the trends that are specifically effective among the websites operating in your region.

5. Evaluate their marketing understandings

Marketing is the essence of any design. Web design cannot stand without inculcating marketing aspects in it. Evaluate the marketing intelligence of the web design agency to know how they are going to project your business. They must have a marketing executive in their team to work in collaboration with the designers and developers to ensure the end-product is usable.

6. Do they design in line with CMS?

Today, most of the websites are powered by content management systems such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. you need to know either the preferences of a web design company. If they prefer to remain on the static HTML, you may need to ask them every time you need an amendment. Even for publishing a post or changing a sentence in product description, you have to depend on them. These practices are obsolete and were used back a decade.

7. Request Conversion Optimization

A website that is successful in attracting massive traffic but fails to convert users to customers is a failure itself. You need to inquire as the agency is capable of optimizing the web pages for maximum conversions or not. A reliable agency has the expertise in designing the website navigation, layout, features, options, and call to action button in a way they brew higher conversions. Find it they know and possess the art of optimizing your website for better conversions.

Final words

Hiring a web design agency in Turkey is difficult when you need a more reliable, competent, and exposed to the culture. The above tips may help you hand-pick an agency that performs quite well in serving the local businesses.

If it is hard to believe in a designer, you can look for a company like Go Globe that has global exposure in addition to the industries it has worked in Turkey. You can reach them out to see if they are able to listen and fulfill your design requirements.

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