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A brief comparison of custom app development, pre-developed apps & hybrid mobile apps

by Soft2share.com

The world today must know the power hybrid mobile applications possess and the benefits they can bring to businesses. Businesses considering having their own signature app can consider opting for custom app development or if they should go for pre-developed tech.

However, businesses and organizations alike are unaware that developing a hybrid application is an option that can suit their needs in a much better manner. Those who wish to make the best decision regarding the kind of mobile application they need for their growth must understand the different kinds of apps that exist.

Thus, it is critical to conduct such exercise at the early stage of the project and being clear about the app’s objectives. This is helps businesses understand the app best suited to their needs and choose the needed mobile technologies and development tools for its development.

According to app development experts, there is no single kind of app, a universal tool or a single method in developing a hybrid application. Each business has its own kind of needs and available resources. Hence, they need to determine which alternative is best suited to their business objectives.

In case the business is facing doubt about what kind of app they need and whether they should develop it or not, they can always consult with a professional mobile app development company that can help them in this area. Also, here we will be exploring the kind of apps developed, the technology used in making them and the benefits present.

Custom apps involve writing programming languages during their development stages. Whereas, pre-developed apps are made through app builders. These app builder tools are developed so that users can easily manage the apps contents without any programming knowledge via drag and drop functions. Meaning, dragging and dropping elements in the app builder helps create pre-developed apps.

What does the development of a custom mobile app require?

The development of a custom mobile app requires the following:

  • An app developer who has mastered programming languages needed for iOS and Android. iOS apps are usually developed using Objective-C or Swift whereas Android apps are developed through Java.
  • In budgetary terms, it is important to understand that development of native apps does not have a closed price. It is because that custom app development has variable costs relating to time spent on developing it as well as the project’s scope. Due to any unforeseen event, the app development process can get an extension.
  • Once the app development process is complete, any needed changes, fixes and debugging or update required also means new work for the team of developers. This further adds to the variable costs of developing custom apps.
  • A custom native app often takes at least four or at most six months in development. But the development time also depends a lot on certain variables like the kind of app needed, the kind of functions needed, and the number of developers involved in making it.

Tailor-made native apps are optimized for an operating system as well as a specified platform. They are created around the specific needs of the organization needing them. They often do not require an internet connection for functionality and offer the finest user experience.

 Custom made native applications are those that need a large amount of investment so they can be developed for each kind of operating system available. Their costs are generally assumed in most cases.

What is needed to create a pre-developed app?

The following is needed in creating a pre-developed app:

  • Developers having access to an app/CMS builder. Users do not need to have much programming knowledge as these builders are platforms developed by app developers and make the apps from code. The app can be finalized in hours.
  • Paying to host the app in a repository is needed (Google Play and AppStore) so the app can be added there. Registering an iOS costs 99 dollars annually while registering an Android costs 25 dollars annually. Once paid, both licenses allow ease in uploading the apps to these stores.

A hybrid mobile app and what is needed to make them?

They are those mobile apps made with pre-developed technology to which specific functions have been tailored with languages not native to iOS and Android. They are neither incorporated in their code nor contained in the pre-developed code.

The following are needed in their development:

  • Determining if the hybrid app will be part of custom development or based on a pre-developed app.
  • Defining the functions needed for development in non-native code of Android and iOS.
  • Developers must have access to an app builder because a part of hybrid apps are made through pre-developed native code.

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