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A clean and clear skin is the definite need of the hour

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To take care of your skin is not a one day process and you need to incorporate healthy skin care habits. For better and clear skin you can opt for acne scar removal cream for face be it a man or a woman.  Some other tips for skin care are as follows


The procedures help to remove the dead skin cells. If they remain on the skin for a long time it could clog up the pores and pave way for breakouts. When there is a build-up of dead cells on your skin it may cause it to look pale and replicate a dull feeling.

Now the duration of exfoliate is once again going to depend upon the skin type you possess. There are chemical along with physical exfoliates that makes the task a lot easier


If you are not having sufficient sleep it might cause your skin to break out often. Lack of sleep can be attributed to acne and the use of no scars cream for men’s might be a remedy.

The lack of sleep in our body forces it to release harmful compounds as this causes the acne to become worse. In order to be healthy from both inside and outside sleep for 9 hours a day.

Opting for make- up that is not going to clog up your pores

As per study it was found out that people who are going to use cosmetics are likely to have skin breakouts. There are a series of steps that you might have to undertake in order to prevent such occurrences

  • Before application of any skin care products wash your hand
  • Before you are going out to play or exercise removing the make- up

No point at pricking your skin

The feeling is really hard to prick a skin, but you need to resist it for the proper health of your skin. Once you prick your skin it exposes it to bacteria and the ones that make its way from your hand. There is an added risk of scarring and infection.

If there is a pimple that really hurts schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. They are going to undertake specialized treatment so as to get rid of pimples and prevent any form of infection


Studies have also gone on to showcase the fact that there is a relation between acne and your levels of stress. In case if you are facing issues with stress, then you need to explore ways by which you can de stress. Some of the steps that you can opt for dealing with stress are

  • Exercising for 30 minutes a day with moderate levels of intensity
  • Practicing medication for a few minutes during the day
  • Engaging in some form of hobby

In a nutshell when it comes to a skin care  regime pay due attention to your face. The use of cleansers, moisturizers are important. In addition give due consideration to your lifestyle, stress management as this can have an impact on your skin.

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