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A Closer Look at Verizon’s Latest Data Plan

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Verizon Wireless, one of the well-known network carriers out in the market, aims to make sure that they provide only the best services both for mobile phone and mobile broadband subscribers. The company is willing to listen to customer feedback and is interested to here about customer suggestions on how to manage their services and billing.


The Start of Change

To date, Verizon Wireless has a good number of loyal subscribers who are taking good advantage of their latest broadband services. These customers know how the company has taken good care in providing them only the best services.

Recently, the company has taken note of their customers’ suggestions and has incorporated them in their latest mobile broadband plan for their customers.

Knowing what clients want. Verizon has received a lot of customer feedback and suggestion on their ability to share data services to other family members. Previously, consumers have to pay various bills for the members of the family.

A lot of Verizon’s subscribers have various devices that are used to access the internet. So when a single device is only allowed to use data service, it seems such a frustration for other family members who can’t use it. From this scenario, the company thought of a plan that will solve this frustration.

The Catch

Verizon Wireless planned to offer shared data service plan for their subscribers BUT they will also increase the costs of the plans. Rather than placing split broadband services within their accounts, a subscriber will have the option to share his data plan for other family members.

Generally, data connection will be under the same plan but the cost is higher for a plan with more devices that will access the internet. It is said that various family members can take advantage of a $200-plan that allows them to connect five devices at the same time.

What the Consumers Say

Though there were some subscribers who were pleased with this new plan, there are still a lot of those subscribers who became worried with the higher cost of the plan. It seems that many of them love the idea of sharing their connection but were expecting no additional charges to do so.

On the lighter side, other subscribers were pleased with the idea as well as the reasonable cost of the plan. With this, the family will only have one bill to pay for all their broadband services instead of paying different bills, which can be more expensive.

What Verizon Has to Say

For Verizon Wireless, the new data plan is the best way to prevent overage charges on data service. The new shared plan also means that they can also share their data limit. This means that the more devices that share the connection, the higher the probability for the account to have excess data charges.

In the past, overage fees on data services frequently exceed actual text and call fees. Any data that exceeds the set limit will be charged according to each downloaded bit of data. The plan aims to reduce the likelihood of the account to have additional data charges on data service.

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