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A Complete Guide to Uninstall iTunes From Mac Computer & Phone

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iTunes is application software that is designed by Apple for the media player, media library, Internet radio, Broadcaster. The word itself define that it is related to music and media. This application is launched on Jan 9, 2001. Itunes is mainly used for downloading music, digital multimedia files(Videos) that all include in iTunes. It works on both macOS and Windows OS. There are some files that are not free on iTunes then that content can purchase through the iTunes Store.

As we have discussed iTunes, Now we know that its main focus is on Music, with a library with a lot of music files included in it according to the choice of users.

This application is totally customized by users. There are many options available to sound optimization. After some time Apple expanded its iTunes function by adding more features with video Support, Podcasts, e-books.  Apple All the Singers in the world firstly Upload their Podcasts on iTunes because it is a very popular application. Because there are millions of Apple Users in the world So that makes it will be easier for singers to Viral their music easily. The best thing about Apple is that it has its own iPhone technical support number that serves the user to solve the queries at any time.

How to uninstall Itunes

There are many different ways to uninstall iTunes that depend on which Operating system we are using now. Uninstall iTunes is a very easy process. There are mainly on two operating systems on which iTunes works the former one is Windows and the latter one is MacOs.For both the operating system it is different the process we will discuss it as Now.

Firstly we will discuss On Windows:-

  • The first Step is to the Open the Start  Image titled then after that Click on the logo of windows that are shown on the bottom-left corner of the windows.
  • Then in Next Step, Type the word control panel inStart Menu. That search menu redirects us to the Control menu App.
  • Then after that Click on  Control Panel. It will be shown at the Top.
  • Now We have to Click on the Uninstall a program.  That is shown below the “Programs” heading button.
  • Now Click on the Publisher tab which is shown over here. That tab is shown in the nearby organization options that are above the programming list. So after  Doing these things, we will see e all the programs according to the alphabets by the publisher, which helps to bring the Apple programs up to the top of the Control Panel window.
  • In case that doesn’t work to bring the APPLE publisher to the top of the page, then click on  Publisher again.
  • Then we have to Select iTunes. That would be at the top of the list of Apple services in WindowsOs.
  • Then Click On Uninstall Button. This button is shown on the left side of the row of options which are above the programs. That will Start the Process of Uninstalling.
  • Then  Follow all the uninstall steps and after doing so then  Click on Yes button when prompted again, then after that, we have to wait for iTunes to finish uninstalling.
  • You have to be prompt to restart your computer, click Restart later.

After that Restart your computer.  Then click Start, click Image titled and click Restart. Once your computer has rebooted, iTunes and any partner software will be gone from your computer.

Uninstall iTunes on a Mac Manually

A very few persons who remove the iTunes from their macs and if there are doing this they are mostly doing for reinstall or update the new version. Uninstalling iTunes Programm is a very easy process for iTunes users. In the Article, We will Explain each and every step in a very precise manner that how A user can safely remove the iTunes from the Mac. Given below there are many steps that we are going to discuss now.

For removing all the basic Apple programs Example iTunes, we need to first disable Apple SIP. That SIP technology is designed by Apple to limits the actions that the A user can perform on its protected parts of the MacOs.These are the given steps Just Follow the Given steps which are given below to disable Apple SIP Function temporary and that will help for the uninstall the iTunes.

  1. The first Step is that restart your Mac and press the keys Command plus R Key at that time when then reboot is in process.
  2. Now you will see A window that looks different and that’s is recovery mode. Then go to the menu bar and then click on the Utilities and then select the Terminal option.
  3. Then in the Terminal window just paste the Commands and followed the Return key. Then there will be Apple Sip will be disabled by this process. Because this is the main process if we will not do so then it will not uninstall iTunes.
  4. After that restart Your Mac, and log in to your Mac through your main account which you are using for your mac.
  5. Now you have signed into the administrator account and now type into the command(Cmd). Then the application directory will be shown in that process.
  6. Now use the command to uninstall Itunes from Mac               
  7. . Another way to uninstall it by App cleaner & Uninstaller. That will helps a User to easily the iTunes.
  8. These steps will help the user for guiding the steps of uninstalling iTunes from mac if these steps do not help the users then can call on the iPhone technical support number that will provide satisfaction to users.


These are the All Steps which we discussed How to Uninstall Itunes from Our Mac by the help of mac support number. I hope, all the users understand all the following steps and that I have explained in a precise manner.

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