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A Guide To Coworking Space In Bangkok

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Bangkok’s coworking scene is beginning to evolve, and professionals who work in the city and digital nomads, alike, are benefitting from coworking communities who have put their own twist on this craze. Those tired of the high rents and the often circuitous routes that businesses must traverse when looking for office space have coworking as an option. For professionals and businesses of all sizes, your coworking space can do more than just provide workspace for your business.

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With the right coworking space you can enjoy more flexibility, meet other people in your industry or niche with ease and find an office space that truly suits your needs. Leading providers offer excellent amenities to their tenants and a real opportunity to immerse yourself in the Bangkok business landscape. Whatever coworking space you are looking for, Bangkok’s coworking environment is one that has something for everyone.

Keep reading more to learn more about the different types of coworking spaces you might encounter in Bangkok.

Types Of Spaces

Of the various types of spaces, you will find in the coworking space in Bangkok, the three main ones are the industry-specific, the niche, and the hostel-coworking spaces are the various types of coworking spaces. The industry-specific coworking spaces focus on and cater to, the needs of particular industries. For example, one type of industry coworking space is for those who are devoted to making crafts. While an unusual business, this coworking space has a huge membership.

The niche coworking space caters to businesses that have a particular platform. One popular type of niche business is the start-up. A few coworking spaces focus on helping these types of business grow and succeed. Another type of niche coworking space includes female-only spaces. These spaces focus on the needs of female entrepreneurs.

Finally, a twist on the coworking space in Thailand introduces a mix between the hostel and the coworking office. These particular offices work great for digital nomads and others who travel to the country on short-term business but need a place to work and sleep. These places bring an added flavour because the mix of work and play, in addition to the social events organised to bring it all together, can make for an interesting, fun, and productive experience.

Types Of Amenities

Each space comes with a variety of amenities, but the perks that make a space worth joining all depend on the business and professional. Some of the added benefits you might see include parking, lockers, and access to cafés and bars. Other coworking spaces include bigger perks like daycare and even the spa. Finally, those with busy lives might find coworking spaces that are open 24/7 more in tune with their lives. For the most part, the types of amenities you might need all depend on your business and your purpose for using the space.

Another attractive feature of the coworking space is the focus on social interaction. While not technically an amenity, the number of events that a space holds for its members can be attractive simply because of the types of relationships that can be formed as a part of networking. Networking is at the core of a lot of the activities that happen in the space, so the more activities your space holds for the community, the more opportunities you have to engage the public and form partnerships. Furthermore, these relationships can even develop into collaborative efforts.

Delving Into Coworking Bangkok

Coworking is a great idea because it takes open space and makes it fluid for professionals. In Thailand, the coworking space has taken on a new dimension by making it possible for professionals, regardless of their time in the country, to work. Ultimately, Coworking Bangkok can fit out your business with many of its needs while making work comfortable.

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