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A Guide To Slip-Resistant Ramp Surface

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organizations are concerned about the safety of wheelchair ramps. If you don’t take precautions, the risk of falling while using a wheelchair ramp is high.

In summer, rain and snow can make it difficult to use wheelchair ramps or handicap ramps. There are many ways organizations can make their ramps slippery. However, not all options will work for everyone. 

Some options will preserve the quality of your ramp while also providing a safe and durable surface that is slip-resistant. Salt and metal shovels, which are very hard on ramp surfaces, are not recommended for slip-resistant ramp surfaces. 

You have many other options that can increase safety and prolong the life of your ramp.

This article will discuss the different types of ramp surfaces. I will also highlight the pros and cons of each type and describe some aspects of maintenance.

1. Wood

Treated wood is the most popular material for deck and ramp construction. Here are some things to remember:


  • It is easy to install
  • Materials are easily available
  • The best building material for the most affordable price
  • Slip-resistant Moderate
  • It lasts approximately 15-20 years


  • Dry wood, especially on handrails, is more susceptible to splitting and cracking.
  • Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent rot or splintering. The ramp’s life expectancy can be extended by applying weatherproofing sealers, stains, and sanding.
  • Wooden ramps should be topped with slip-resistant surfaces.
  • There is a “cost of ownership” to account for the regular maintenance required. Slip-resistant textured paint on-ramp.

Tips And Tricks To Make Wood Ramps Slip-Resistant

  • A textured, slip-resistant coating can be used to paint wood. There are many options. These covers provide added traction. These textured paints should be reapplied every 3-5 years.
  • Treated plywood can also be used for ramp surfaces. It is often covered with other materials.
  • Ramps have been made from rubber matting, rubber tiles, and rubber sidewalk blocks. You have many options when it comes to rubber building materials. These materials offer excellent traction and are easy to install. 
  • FRP mini-mesh grating is a non-traditional material that can be used to improve traction in industrial applications. It offers exceptional traction and durability. FRP grating is used on wheelchair ramps for its superior traction. It can be purchased in panels or attached to a wooden-framed ramp.

2. Composite Decking

It can last longer than wood, but there are limitations in safety.


  • It is easy to install and can be done by anyone who has the necessary skills.
  • It is moderately affordable, as it doesn’t require staining or sanding.
  • Maintenance free
  • Gives the house a modern look
  • Wood lasts twice as long
  • It is environmentally friendly because it uses recycled plastics and wood fibers


  • Manufacturers are developing a slip-resistant composite decking material that is less slippery than those made with snow or rain.
  • More flexible than wood, tends to sag or bend.

3. Metal

For wheelchair ramps, metal ramp surfaces are a great alternative.


  • You can install expanded metal sheets directly on top of a wooden frame.
  • It is easy to install, provided you pay attention to special metalworking equipment
  • Moderately affordable and easily available
  • While some metals can be maintained without any treatment, others require some rust prevention treatment.
  • Provides strength, traction and durability
  • It will last a lifetime
  • Modular aluminum ramps, another popular type of metal ramp, offer additional benefits such as, can disassemble and moving to another location.
  • Aluminum is strong, lightweight, and doesn’t require any maintenance
  • Ramps are made to provide maximum traction and meet all building codes


  • Expanded metal sheets can sag and cause problems. To prevent sagging, thicker metal and more bracing is required.
  • Special paint is required to protect bare metal from rust. Untreated metal can be corroded by salt and other chemicals.
  • You should make sure that the gap between the metal and the ground is not too large. Crutches or canes could get stuck in these gaps.

4. Cement

Cement is another popular material for ramp construction. However, it is important to remember some things about how to maintain these ramps.


  • Maintenance free
  • High durability
  • Good traction
  • Low initial costs but high ownership cost
  • Durable for 40 years and more
  • It works well if the ramp isn’t too high above the ground


  • Installation is difficult and often done during construction.
  • It is permanent, and cannot be changed after it has been installed
  • This can only be used for short-distance ramps
  • Salt and freeze/thaw cycles could cause cement surface damage
  • If there are chips and cracks, it is difficult to fix.

Tips And Tricks To Make Cement Slip-Resistant

Rubber paving is great for cement ramps. Rubber paving can be used to renew an old cement ramp with cracks and chips.

Tips And Tricks To Make Ramps Slip-Resistant

The heated outdoor mats are a hot tub owner’s idea. They offer an alternative to slippery handicap ramps. The electric heated rubber mat can be installed on the ramp. It is then connected to the nearest electrical outlet. The heat is enough to melt snow and ice and keep the ramp clean. Rubber also provides traction. These ramp surfaces are easy to use, so there is no need to shovel or melt ice. This link provides more information.

For the life of the garage, a ramp inside the garage will provide slip-resistant access to your home.

Elevating lifts can also be used as an alternative to a ramp. They can be operated outdoors or indoors.

To ensure safe access to buildings, a slip-resistant wheelchair ramp can be essential. There are many choices available, each offering its own benefits and challenges. The unique circumstances of your home or property will determine which ramp is right for you.


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